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Fire Emblem Engage takes place in the kingdom of Elyos, consisting of several nations that are the homelands of various allies you meet along the way.

With several new faces to meet in each location you visit, Fire Emblem Engage has quite an extensive character roster, each individual holding a unique personality and skills.

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With such a wide array of mysterious, lovable, and intriguing characters to keep track of, it can sometimes be unclear how many are in the game in total.

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a total of 36 different playable characters in the game, as well as numerous NPCs and side characters you will meet during your journey through Elyos as Alear.

Follow along below for a complete list of these playable characters, as well as how to unlock them for yourself.

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How Many Characters Are in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are three different character categories in the game – Unit, Emblem, and NPC.

Each character you meet in the game falls into one of these roles, with each one fulfilling its own game mechanic or story purposes.


Units are playable characters that Alear meets and befriend along their journey through Elyos, adding them to her combat squad as allies.

After recruiting a Unit, they will also appear around Somniel for Alear to interact with in between combat matches such as Trials or Skirmishes and Chapters of the game.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to promote and Change Class

Once recruited, a Unit will arrive with a default Class, giving them a specific set of skills and potential playstyle in battle.

However, you can promote or change these Classes to suit your own preferences with the use of Master Seals and Second Seals. There are a total of 36 Units in the game, with each one being playable.


Emblems are the spirits of Fire Emblem characters of the past. These spirits are linked to special jewelry known as Emblem Rings. Emblem Rings can be attached to a Unit to boost their stats and abilities in battle and get the upper hand over powerful opponents.

There are a total of 15 different Emblem Rings in the game, each hosting one or more Emblems.

Emblem Leif in Fire Emblem Engage

While not fully playable as standalone characters, Emblems are somewhat loosely playable through Engage Attacks, which allows the Unit to temporarily ‘fuse’ with the spirit of the Emblem, providing them with access to special attacks and abilities held only by the Emblem themselves.

Much like Units, Emblems will also appear around Somniel for Alear to interact and communicate with after acquiring their Emblem Rings.


Fire Emblem Engage has a variety of NPCs (non-playable characters) that you will meet along the way. However, some are much more significant than others.

Here are the most notable NPCs in the game, as well as the role that they play:

Queen LumeraDivine Dragon / Queen of Lythos / Mother to Alear
SommieMysterious creature / Pet of Somniel
EveQueen of Firene / Mother to Alfred and Celine
MorionKing of Brodia / Father to Diamant and Alcryst
SeforiaQueen of Solm / Mother to Timerra and Fogado
DurthonArmory shopkeeper at Somniel
AnisseGeneral Item shopkeeper at Somniel
CalneySmithy shopkeeper at Somniel
PinetBoutique shopkeeper at Somniel
SeanFirenese Doctor / Father to Jean

All Playable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage & How to Unlock Them

Fire Emblem Engage has 36 playable characters, all falling into the Unit role.

You can choose and assign these Units into teams for each Chapter or battle, making the most of their unique Classes, playstyles, and skillsets.

Included in these playable units is the protagonist, Alear, as well as 29 additional Units that are unlocked automatically as you progress through Chapters of the main story.

Lastly, there are 6 Units that are optional and can be missed. These Units are recruited manually through either completing Prologues, or speaking to the Unit in question with Alear during combat, sometimes needing to defeat all other enemies before doing so.

Here’s a complete list of all playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage, their Base Classes, the Region they are from, and how to recruit them.

Character NameBase ClassRegionHow to Recruit
AlearDragon ChildLythosProtgaonist – Player begins game as Alear.
VanderPaladinLythosComplete Chapter 1
ClanneMageLythosComplete Chapter 2
FrammeMartial MonkLyhosComplete Chapter 2
AlfredNobleFireneComplete Chapter 3
CelineNobleFireneComplete Chapter 4
BoucheronAxe FighterFireneComplete Chapter 3
EtieArcherFireneComplete Chapter 3
LouisLance ArmorFireneComplete Chapter 4
ChloeLance FlierFireneComplete Chapter 4
JeanMartial MonkFireneSpeak to Jean with Alear during Paralogue 1: A Budding Talent
DiamantLordBrodiaComplete Chapter 8
AlcrystLordBrodiaComplete Chapter 7
AmberLance CavalierBrodiaComplete Chapter 8
JadeAxe ArmorBrodiaSpeak to Jade with Alear or Diamant during the battle that takes place in Chapter 9.
CitrinneMageBrodiaComplete Chapter 7
LapisSword FighterBrodiaComplete Chapter 7
YunakaThiefBrodiaComplete Chapter 6
SaphirKnightBrodiaSpeak to Saphir with Alear during the battle that takes place in Chapter 19.
IvyWing TamerElusiaComplete Chapter 11
HortensiaWing TamerElusiaComplete Chapter 14
ZelkovThiefElusiaComplete Chapter 11
KagetsuSwordmasterElusiaComplete Chapter 11
PandreoHigh PriestSolmComplete Chapter 12
BunetGreat KnightSolmComplete Chapter 12
FogadoSentinelSolmComplete Chapter 12
TimerraSentinelSolmComplete Chapter 13
PanetteBerserkerSolmComplete Chapter 13
MerrinWolf KnightSolmComplete Chapter 13
SeadallDancerSolmDefeat every other enemy on the map besides Seadall during the Chapter 16 battle, and then speak to Seadall using Alear.
RosadoWyvern KnightElusiaComplete Chapter 16
GoldmaryHeroElusiaComplete Chapter 16
AnnaAxe FighterElusiaUnlock the chest, then chase Anna down and speak with her as Alear during Paralogue 2: Mysterious Mechant.
LindonScholarElusiaDuring the battle of Chapter 18, there will be an enemy Unit (Lindon) that is clearly having second thoughts. Speak to this Unit with Alear, and he will be convinced to join your team.
VeyleFell ChildUnknownComplete Chapter 22
MauvierRoyal KnightGradlonComplete Chapter 21

That’s everything you need to know about how many characters are in Fire Emblem Engage.

How many characters have you unlocked, and which Units are you having the most success with in your own playthrough?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you on your adventure through Elyos with Alear and friends.

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