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Master Seals are a one-time use item in Fire Emblem Engage that allows you to improve your Base class units and ensure your party grows strong for the challenges ahead.

Despite being a returning item, there is quite a pivotal change from previous Fire Emblem games regarding Master Seals and the best time to use them to level your Units.

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Master Seals can be used on any unit Level 10 and above, transforming them into an Advanced class that gains new stats, skills, and the potential to equip more weapons. Advanced Classes also have higher stat growth, so Master Seals are most optimized for use as soon as possible from when a unit reaches level 10.

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Where To Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

The easiest way to obtain Master Seals is by purchasing them from the Item Shop at Somniel for 2500 gold each.

Alternatively, Master Seals can be earned as rewards for clearing specific Chapters within the game and defeating some of the various bosses you’ll encounter throughout your journey as Alear.

Here’s a complete list of all known chapters in which Master Seals can be received as loot or rewards:

  • Chapter 7: Dropped by Hortensia, Located in the Treasure Chest within Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant
  • Chapter 9: Item Shop (Restock: 1)
  • Chapter 10: Dropped by Hyacinth
  • Chapter 11: Dropped by an archer standing guard at the exit
  • Chapter 12: Obtained by saving the NPC who is holding one, Item Shop (Restock: 2)
  • Chapter 14: Item Shop (Restock: 2)
  • Chapter 15: Item Shop (Restock: 2)
  • Chapter 16: Dropped by Marni
  • Chapter 17: Dropped by Veyle, Item Shop (Restock: 2)
  • Chapter 18: Item Shop (Infinite stock unlocked)

When & How To Use Master Seals To Their Full Potential

Advanced Classes don’t level up any slower than Base Class units and tend to gain the same EXP from missions and defeating enemies. However, Master Seals enable higher stat levels and growth rates. Because there are no penalties, promoting your units as soon as possible makes sense.

To use a Master Seal to its full potential, you’ll want to use it on a unit to level them into an Advanced Class and then proceed to increase the level of that Advanced unit to level 20 to reach the best stats possible.

This method is beneficial to help in completing the game at a high difficulty level.

Master seals work to develop all Advanced Classes in the game, including any character-specific classes, meaning you can make the most of this item to make the most out of your units.

If you’re heading into a map or battle that seems like it’s going to be particularly challenging, it may be a good idea to use a Master Seal on one of your units before the challenge.

This will give a helpful and significant boost to the stats of the specified unit and help you navigate the difficult obstacles that may come up in that particular encounter.

Chapter 10 is an ideal place to start promoting your units if you are yet to do so. This is likely when your characters will begin meeting the requirements and becoming eligible for promotion into an Advanced Class via Master Seals.

Fire Emblem Engage Change Class Promotion Menu

To promote a unit, head to the menu and select the individual you want to promote. Now you will find a drop-down menu where you can select the ‘Change Class’ option.

If you have a Master Seal ready to go, the Advanced variation of this unit’s class will be listed at the top of the Class Change menu.

After confirming your selection, you will trigger an animated cutscene that shows off the unit’s outfit and class change, completing the promotion.

That’s everything you need to know about when you should use Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage and how they function in-game.

Which units have you decided to promote? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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