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Second Seals are an item in Fire Emblem Engage that allow you to change the Base class of your Units, enabling your to cater your characters to your liking and achieve the best builds possible for your playstyle, and edit the composition of your squad accordingly so you can battle alongside all of your favorite personalities.

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The easiest way to obtain Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage is by purchasing them directly from the item shop in Somniel. Additionally, you can also receive Second Seals as loot from the Treasure Chests located on specific combat maps.

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Where To Get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

The quickest and easiest method to obtain Second Seals is from Somiel’s item shop, where you can purchase them for 2,500 gold each.

If you don’t have the gold to buy the Second Seals you need, you can also obtain them by opening specific Treasure Chests within the combat maps of select chapters.

Fire Emblem Engage item shop location

Here you can purchase them for 2,500 gold each, with a limit to how many are in stock and available.

Depending on which Chapter of the game you are currently working your way through, the stock will vary until Chapter 18, when infinite Master Seals are unlocked.

Fire Emblem Engage Second Seals purchase option

Second Seals are an important and helpful item, so you should consider making the most out of them if you have any in your inventory.

After a unit has been promoted to an Advanced class with a Master Seal, you may wish to further enhance their abilities by changing their class completely to something they do not naturally have access to; this is where Second Seals come in.

You can also use a Second Seal to change a unit from one Base class to another, switch from an Advanced class to a Base class, or reset the level of your Base or Advanced class unit.

All Second Seal Locations in Fire Emblem Engage

There are multiple Second Seals that you can receive in Fire Emblem Engage from sources other than just Somniel’s item store.

Here’s a full breakdown of every Chapter and location in which you can obtain Second Seals so that you can plan which unit you may wish to use one on and at which point of the game you may find it best to do so.

  • Chapter 9: Item Shop (Restock: 3)
  • Chapter 12: Item Shop (Restock: 3)
  • Chapter 14: Item Shop (Restock: 3)
  • Chapter 15: Item Shop (Restock: 3)
  • Chapter 17: Item Shop (Restock: 3)
  • The Azure Twin Paralogue: Located within the left Treasure Chest
  • Chapter 18: Item Shop (Infinite stock unlocked), Located within the right Treasure Chest

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which units are you going to give a chance of class? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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