Fire Emblem Engage – How to Reroll Stats: Can You Reroll Account?

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Fire Emblem Engage operates by randomizing the stats that increase on a level up.

While there isn’t an option to reroll these stats immediately after they’re gained in-game, there is a handy little trick that you can use to manually force a reroll when necessary.

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Rerolling is a convenient technique in Fire Emblem Engage that can manually manipulate the game into boosting the stats you want, with some time and patience. To reroll in Fire Emblem Engage, you will need to reset the battle from the very beginning again, which will cause different randomized stats to increase on a level up.

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Can You Reroll Your Account in Fire Emblem Engage?

While you can reroll level-up stats in Fire Emblem Engage, it is impossible to reroll your entire account/save file.

This is because Fire Emblem Engage uses a linear story, meaning that the characters you encounter and befriend as allies are not randomized but specific events that unfold during your playthrough.

As these characters have set moments in the story where they make a first appearance, and another for when they finally join Alear and her units, it is impossible to reroll your save to begin the game with different starting allies.

How To Reroll Stats in Fire Emblem Engage

The only known method for rerolling stats in Fire Emblem Engage is restarting the battle from the beginning and playing through it again to trigger the level-up on the character whose stats you wish to reroll.

This can be done by saving your progress and reloading the map to return to that specific save point.

All stat boosts are randomized on the increase in level, meaning that if you restart the battle and trigger the level-up again, the increased stats will change each time.

Fire Emblem Engage - How To Reroll

You’ll get a full rundown of every stat that has improved when a character reaches a new level, so you can use this to plan out which stats you wish to increase.

Using the reroll method allows you to specifically increase stats that best benefit whichever build you’re going for on your unit.

Fire Emblem Engage - How To Reroll

For example, Louis is a unit that operates as a significantly tanky individual in combat, with naturally high Defense, Strength, and HP at his base level. To best bulk up Louis’ value in battle, it would be a good idea to aim for increases in these stats.

Alternatively, depending on the class and build you have in mind, it may benefit you to increase stats outside of a unit’s natural base-level strengths. This is where rerolling is the perfect method to achieve the boosts you need.

You’ll need to keep in mind that the only way to trigger a stat reroll on level-up is by restarting the battle completely. Using the rewind mechanic to kill a different enemy or using another move to kill the enemy that causes a unit to level up will not be successful.

Which Stats To Reroll For in Fire Emblem Engage

Stats are, for the most part, determined by a unit’s growth rates, with each stat having a certain percentage of chance to increase randomly on a level-up.

Because of this, there may be a few times during your playthrough where you find less than-ideal stats have increased for a unit, so you may opt to reroll those in favor of buffing the stats of your preference.

This is particularly important for the higher-difficulty game modes and more strategic players, as it is more convenient in the long run to restart the battle rather than have a unit become stuck with a poor stat spread for the rest of the game.

Because of the sheer versatility of unit builds and classes available in Fire Emblem Engage, thanks to Master Seals and Second Seals, there is no set right or wrong in which stats you should aim to reroll in general. Instead, it would be best if you planned out a rough build idea for the unit in question based on how you want them to play at a high level.

You can then pick and choose the stats you believe will benefit that build and aim specifically to raise those stats in level increases, deciding to reroll on the occasion that these are missed.

That’s everything you need to know about how to reroll in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which builds have you got lined up for your favorite units? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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