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Fire Emblem Engage is set in the realm of Elyos, with several different Regions that you will visit and meet new individuals during your adventure as Alear.

Many of the characters that you meet will be recruited to your team as playable Units, each bringing their unique perks and skills to the table. However, all Units can be further customized to suit your play style by obtaining Weapon Proficiencies and changing Classes.

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With such a wide variety of Classes in the game and an extensive list of characters to cover, it can often be tricky working out which Class and Unit combinations are most effective for bringing value to your party in combat.

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a total of 36 different playable Units in the game and over fifty different Classes to utilize in combat and unlock through Weapon Proficiencies and Seals. While the best Class for each Unit can vary depending on personal preference, we’ve provided some of the best options to enhance and amplify the strengths of each character.

Follow along below for a complete breakdown of the best Class selection options for every character in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as everything you’ll need for unlocking and creating these builds.

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What is the Best Class For Every Fire Emblem Engage Unit?

Fire Emblem Engage’s Classes all utilize a specific type of Weapon and battle style, so customizing your Class for each unit can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding value from your team composition in battle.

Classes can be changed by obtaining Weapon Proficiencies and then promoting or re-classing Units with the use of Master Seals and Second Seals.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to promote and Change Class

Technically, there’s no right or wrong combination of Unit + Class selection, as it all depends on how you personally like to play each character.

However, taking each individual’s base stats into consideration, some builds will be more well-rounded than others.

We’ve identified some of the best options to follow when you’re struggling to make up your mind or just need a solid selection that will enhance each individual’s strengths.

Each selection will have a brief explanation as to how it improves or brings value to a character, so follow along below for everything you’ll need to know when it comes to setting up the best choices for every playable character.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Divine DragonSwords, ArtsDivine SpirtDragon

Divine Dragon is the default Advanced Class that Alear can naturally progress to (from the Dragon Child Base Class) with the use of a Master Seal.

This class comes with many unique perks that turn Alear into a strong support style unit, with steady growth, valuable bonuses to Engage Skills, and some decent flexibility to how you wish to play.

As one of the compatible Proficiencies, Divine Dragon enhances Alear’s potential when wielding Sword Weapons and offers great value when paired with Emblems who can increase this output even further.

However, this Class also allows Alear to utilize Combat Arts, which will give you the upper hand against Bow, Dagger, and Tome users.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Great KnightSword, AxeAllied DefenseCavalry

Vander starts as as a solid ally but quickly falls off in comparison to other units as the game progresses.

Despite having rather low growth rates, he does have a big strength in his Defense stat, meaning that he is best suited to a Class that can uplift this, such as the Great Knight.

The Great Knight Class further improves Vander’s already strong Defense stat, making him capable in a tanking role in combat, absorbing plenty of hits for his allies and holding space on the battlefield.

The Great Knight’s Allied Defense Skill also gives Vander more utility as a member of your party, by reducing incoming damages by 3 if an ally is positioned between an enemy and their target.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Mage KnightSword, TomeChaos StyleCavalry

Clanne’s natural stat growth is rather unusual and unfavorable for his natural Mage Class, which can cause him to fall off quite significantly in comparison to other units as you progress through the game.

Since Clanne’s growth revolves around high Strength and low Magic, he benefits most from being promoted into the Mage Knight Class.

This will give him the ability to provide more utility for the party by adding Sword Proficiency to his kit and enabling him to play from different ranges.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
High PriestTome, Staff, Arts,Self-HealingMystical

Framme’s default Martial Monk Class is fairly solid for the first few Chapters of the game but struggles in utility with further progression due to more viable defensive options.

Promoting Framme into the High Priest Class is the best selection to make, as this will give her much more variety by increasing her utility with Staff Weapons and Magic, as well as adding Arts proficiency for physical attacks.

This means she’s able to provide pretty consistent damage to the enemies or healing for your allies, depending on what your current fight on the battlefield calls for.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Fell ChildLance, SpecialResist EmblemsDragon

To get the most value from Nel as a Unit, it’s best to have her remain in the Fell Child Class and simply progress her level to further increase her strengths.

Nel’s Fell Child Class enables her to use Skills and proficiencies that are unique to her character.

Alongside her proficiencies with Lances, which allows her to use S-Ranked Weapons of this type, Nel is also able to use Dragon Stones to shift into her Dragon form and deal damage this way, a power only three other Units are capable of.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Fell ChildAxe, SpecialSpur EmblemsDragon

Much like his twin sister Nel, Nil is best kept in his original Fell Child Class, which will allow him to improve and uplift his personal strengths as you increase his level.

Nil has proficiency with Axes, allowing him to use S-Ranked Weapons of this type, as well as the capability of utilizing Dragon Stones to shift into his Dragon form to make an impact.

Nil’s Skill, Spur Emblems, also provides valuable utility to his team by filling the Engage Meter of adjacent allies by 1 when the Player Phase begins.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
AvenirLance, SwordGolden LotusCavalry

Unfortunately, Alfred is held back by his low natural Speed stat, and there’s nothing that can be done to fix this through Class changes.

However, you can gain value from Alred’s natural Advanced Class, Avenir, thanks to the unique Golden Lotus Skill.

Golden Lotus, when triggered, can prevent fifty percent of incoming physical damage, which is a very significant chunk.

This gives Alfred much more survivability and enables him to take those extra hits that he’ll so often receive from being hit consecutive times in combat due to his low Speed.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style

Boucheron’s best choice of Class is Berserker, which allows him to follow up with enemies to secure kills and take incoming hits, thanks to his brilliant HP and Speed stats.

Berserker Boucheron can find great value from his Axe Proficiency, as Smash Weapons such as Greataxes or the Hurrican Axe allow Boucheron to activate the Smash+ Skill, forcing the target back two spaced instead of one.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Bow KnightSword, BowCareful AimCavalry

Etie is the first archer character that will join your team as one of Alear’s allies and usable Units.

However, she is quickly outdone in almost every aspect by Alcryst once he arrives, meaning you’ll likely soon find yourself sidelining her in favor of the Brodian Prince.

Thankfully, you can increase Etie’s potential in combat by classing her into a Bow Knight. In doing so, you’ll give Etie more mobility on the battlefield and utilize her Strength stat, which is her personal best.

Upon Classing Etie into a Bow Kight, she will also be able to use Swords, which gives her a melee-range option in battle, and makes her much more useful than her Archer Base Class.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
VidameTome, Staff, SwordIgnisInfantry

Celine’s default Advanced Class of Vidame is by far the best option for utilizing Celine to her full potential, painting strong magical damage with the addition of the Skill Ignis.

This Skill adds half of the user’s StrengthStat to Magic when attacking with Tomes or Magic Weapons and adds half of the user’s Magic Stat to attacks made with Physical Weapons.

Vidame grants Celine access to a very versatile range of weapons and attacks, as well as solid growth rates for both of her Magic and Strength Stats, which enables you to scale the power of Ignis and deal increased damage as you progress her level.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
GeneralSword, Lance, Axe (one selection)SwapArmored

Louis has some of the slowest Speed in the game but also contains some of the highest Defense and HP Stats, giving him the potential to take on a tank role and operate as your party’s defensive beast.

By Classing Louis as a General, you won’t be able to have the Break mechanic triggered on you by the enemy, which makes Louis incredibly efficient in holding positions on the battlefield, taking hits of incoming damage for his allies, and stalling the enemy’s movement.

Furthermore, his Swap ability lets him change positions with an adjacent ally Unit when activated, which allows him to rotate in and take hits on someone else’s behalf to keep his comrades alive.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Griffin KnightLance & Staff, Sword & Staff, Axe & StaffClear the WayFlying

Griffin Knight further enhances Chloe’s strengths in HP and Speed and grants her solid movement and avoidance as a flier.

This enables her to move around maps with ease and dodge a significant amount of incoming attacks from the enemy.

Griffin Knight also enables Chloe to play as a strong support Unit and utilize both Lance and Staff Weapons to swoop in, secure a kill on the enemy, or rush in and provide assistance to her allies.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
High PriestTome, Staff, ArtsSelf-HealingMystical

Jean is a unique Unit due to his Expertise Skill, which boosts the growth rate of his Stats by 20% upon leveling up, resulting in a rapid increase of his outlier strengths in Dexterity, HP, and Speed while also enabling very solid further growth for all other stats.

This means that Jean can essentially fit into many different Classes or roles due to the sheer flexibility this Skill provides, and you’ll want to progress him into an Advanced Class as early as possible to benefit from these growths.

High Priest provides the most utility for Jean as a Unit, as it gives him the versatility of using Tomes, Staffs, and Arts in combat.

With Jean in the High Priest Class, you can adapt his playstyle depending on the situation, such as operating as a combat medic or healing and providing support to allies from afar in the backline.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
WarriorAxe, BowMercilessBackup

Unfortunately, Fogado joins Alear’s ally Units at a late stage of the game and, therefore, can be quite hard to find significant value from, as you’ll likely have a more powerful leveled Unit that can out-perform him.

While his unique Advanced Class of Cupido is okay, it is held back in utility by some of Fogado’s more lackluster stats.

Instead, choosing to Class Fogado as a Warrior will allow him to keep access to Bow Weapons while also adding the ability for him to use Axes.

This gives Fogado options from both melee and ranged distances, as well as improving his Strength stat and helping to patch up a few of his more prominent weaknesses.

Warrior will also provide a stronger damage output than the Cupido Class alternative and allow him to trigger chain attacks to assist his allies.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SageTome, StaffSpell HarmonyMystical

Pandreo joins Alear’s ally Units as a High Priest, which is a decent option due to relatively even stats across the board.

However, despite being one of the best Mage Units in the game, he struggles with Strength and has little value from the use of Arts that this Class provides.

Because of this, Sage is a much better-suited option, enabling Pandreo to operate with increased offensive utility.

This Class will enable Pandreo to have access to the best Tomes in the game, increase his Magic stat, and play effectively around his allies.

Sage also creates a nice synergy with Panreo’s Personal Skill, Party Animal, which, when activated, grants a bonus to Hit and Avoidance equal to 3× the number of allies and foes within 2 spaces.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Great KnightSword + Axe, Sword + Lance, or Axe + LanceAllied DefenseCavalry

Bunet arrives as an addition to Alear’s allied Units in the Great Knight Advanced Class.

Because he arrives in the later stages of the game and has decent distribution of his stats, it’s better to have him remain in the Great Knight Class and progress this build through leveling and inheriting Skills.

This will save you from using one of your limited Second Seals to reclass him and start from scratch, which isn’t a viable option in many circumstances anyway, as most other Advanced Classes will further hinder his stats rather than enhance them.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style

Timerra’s stats tend to prioritize HP, Strength, Dexterity, Speed, and Defense.

Her natural Advanced Class progression of Picket utilizes this in a very unique way, thanks to her Sandstorm Skill.

With Sandstorm, Timerra can make a physical attack and have the resulting damage calculated by 150% of her Defense stat, which can create some heavy blows when paired with her ability to use S-Ranked Lance Weapons.

Furthermore, Sandstorm is triggered by the Dexterity stat, and as this is one of Timerra’s strengths, she has more opportunities to activate this skill in combat.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Wolf KnightKnife + Sword, Knife + Axe, Knife + LanceHobbleCavalry

Merrin has high natural Dexterity and Speed, which enables her to dodge a high percentage of incoming attacks.

Her natural Wolf Knight Class further enhances these strengths, so you’ll find the best value from her as a Unit by progressing this build rather than reclassing her.

The Wolf Knight’s Hobble Skill is also a huge asset to your party, causing an enemy target to have their movement reduced by 2 whenever Merrin initiates combat with a Knife Weapon.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style

Panette’s natural Class is Berserker, and you shouldn’t underestimate this option for her.

As a Berserker, Panette’s high Strength and HP stats are utilized, allowing her to deal significant damage and use her high HP to absorb damage from incoming hits.

Panette can destroy enemies to make space and clear pathways for your Units to progress, which is further emphasized by the Berserker’s Smash+ ability, forcing an enemy back twice the distance to create even more room for herself and her allies.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
DancerArtsSpecial DanceQi Adept

Dancers are arguably one of the most valuable Support Units throughout the game, and Seadall’s is the only Unit within this Class, so you should keep him here.

While Seadall’s stats are rather lackluster and will prevent you from finding any significant value in his attacks, where he really shines is through his Skills and the Dance action.

Seadall’s biggest asset is his ability to grant an additional turn to an ally Unit on the battlefield, which can enable your strongest damage dealer to double down and wipe out the enemy, move double distances, or destroy multiple boss health bars in a single turn.

Seadall’s Skills also further enhance his Dance perks for his allies, making his utility an absolute game-changer.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Tireur d’eliteBowLunaCovert

Alcryst is the best archer Unit in the game, so ensuring that you find value from him in battle can be crucial.

For Alcryst’s Class, his natural Advanced Class of Tireur d’elite is the clear winner, so you should aim to use a Master Seal to progress him as soon as possible.

Tireur d’elite provides a significant boost to Alcryst’s Dexterity, increasing his rates for landing critical hits and activating his Luna Skill to make his attacks that much more devastating.

Tireur d’elite provides Alcryst with the potential to be a huge ranged damage dealer and shut down flying Units with little struggle, bringing immense value to the party.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SuccesseurSword, AxeSolBackup

Diamant is one of the strongest frontline fighters that you can utilize for your playthrough, so ensuring that you select a Class that amplifies his strengths is key.

For similar reasons to his brother, Alcryst, Diamant’s best choice is his natural Advanced Class of Successeur.

Successeur will grant Diamant access to S-Rank Sword Weapons, as well as the addition of axes, giving him more versatility and enabling him to beat both Axes and Lances in combat.

Diamant will also receive the Sol Skill, allowing him to recover up to fifty percent of damage dealt to an enemy.

This enables him to last longer on the frontline and tank more incoming damage, which makes him a very viable and efficient Unit to rely on.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
GeneralSword, Lance, or AxeSwapArmored

Lapis is a bit of a tricky case due to her troubling stats.

At first glance, her most prominent strengths in HP and Speed suggest that Promoting her into the Swordmaster Class may be your best bet.

However, you’ll soon gain Kagetsu, who strongly outshines her in his natural Swordmaster role, so it’s better to just save your valuable Master Seals and reclass her into a General instead.

This will help patch her weak Defense and balance the rest of her stats, giving her the best shot at being a viable Unit for your team.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SageTome, StaffSpell Harmony Mystical

Citrinne comes packed full of high Magic and Resistance but struggles with her Strength and Speed stats.

Because of this, Sage is the best Class for Citrinne, as there’s not much that can be done to patch her weaknesses, and this Class will instead enhance her strengths significantly.

With Sage, Citrinne will gain access to S-Rank Tomes, which will enable her to dead huge damage with Magic attacks, as well as access to Staff Weapons for more variety.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Great KnightSword + Axe, Sword + Lance, or Lance + AxeAllied DefenseCavalry

Amber best benefits from the Great Knight Class, as this utilizes his high Strength and Speed stats while also maintaining very solid Defense and HP, allowing him to operate with as much offensive potential as possible.

This Defense stat is crucial to Amber due to his Aspiring Hero Skill, which raises his hit rate when allies aren’t nearby, but at the cost of his Avoidance being reduced.

Because Amber is going to be positioned by himself and taking more frequent hits, the Defense that Great Knight provides is crucial to maintaining survivability.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
GeneralSword, Lance, or AxeSwapArmored

Jade is introduced to Aler’s allies as one of the most tanky and Defensive Units in the game.

The General Class further amplifies her strengths in Defense, HP, and Strength, allowing her to absorb incoming hits and deal decent damage.

She can also use Swap to trade positions with an adjacent ally, which can be utilized in strategy to make up for her lack of movement or step in and take a hit for a weaker ally.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
WarriorAxe, BowMercilessBackup

When you meet and add Saphir as an ally near the end of the game, she’s already established herself as a strong Warrior.

Because of this, there isn’t much value in changing her from this Class, as her Skill, Will to Win, also synergizes pretty efficiently with her role and enables her to deal increased damage whilst dodging more attacks when under half health.

She’s one of the best-suited Warriors in the game, so instead, it’s better to focus on buffing her build to your playstyle through inherited Skills.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SageTome, StaffSpell HarmonyMystical

Anna is another interesting case, as her Base Class is Axe Fighter – yet she possesses the strongest Magic stat growths in the game at a staggering fifty percent.

Because of this, it’s very important to make reclassing Anna as soon as possible one of your top priorities, as her potential in the magic-wielding Sage Class is far too strong to pass up.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style

Zelkov’s Base Class of Thief is the best choice for him due to his strong stat growth in Dexterity and Speed, which Thief utilizes.

Furthermore, he has the potential to out-play Yunaka as the Thief on your party due to wielding higher HP.

This gives him a fighting chance of surviving when struck by an enemy and not being as easily wiped out. Plus, the Thief Class enables the use of Poisons with their attacks, which can be quite useful.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
LindwurmTome, StaffGrasping VoidFlying

Lindwurm is a no-brainer for Ivy, letting her keep her Wyvern Flight and introducing access to Staf Weapons alongside her use of Tomes.

Lindwurm provides Ivy with strong HP that allows her to clean up fights by picking off enemies and heal her comrades in a pinch if required.

The Lindwurm’s Grasping Void Skill also brings great value to Ivy’s strong Resistance Stat, enabling her to take on magic users in combat, deal extra damage to them, and have an increased rate of survivability all in one.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SwordmasterSwordRun ThroughBackup

When Kagetsu joins Alear’s comrades as an ally Unit, he’s pretty much all set up as Swordmaster and ready to go as one of the most viable options in the game.

Instead, you can simply focus on progressing Kagetsu’s build further with the selection of inherited Skills and Emblem Rings to make him even more deadly in combat.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Sleipnir RiderTome, StaffWorld Tree Flying

Hortensia is one of the strongest Support Units in the game, with great healing potential.

Her unique Advanced Class of Sleipnir Rider enhances this even further, painting strengths in Speed and Dexterity, which allow her to traverse and heal across large spaces.

She has high resistance, which makes it much easier for her to brush off even the threat of Wind Magic users, and the World Tree Skill also synergizes nicely with her Personal Skill to boost her healing efficiency significantly.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
Wyvern KnightLance + Axe, Sword + Axe, or Sword + LanceAir RaidFlying

Rosado is another Unit who joins Alear’s allies at a later stage of the game, arriving as the Advanced Class of Wyvern Knight.

Because of this, keeping Rosado in this chance is the best choice, as you’ll be gaining an exceptionally strong flier with great stats in Strength and Speed paired with solid mobility, meaning there’s not much that can get in her way.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
HeroSword, LanceBrave AssistBackup

Having Goldmary remain in her Base Class of Hero is the most efficient option, as there are other characters better suited to the roles that she could otherwise fill if her Class was changed.

Furthermore, the Brave Assist Skill lets her attack twice in Chain when her HP is full, which is great at chipping away at enemies.


Class NameWeaponsSkillsBattle Style
SageTome, StaffSpell HarmonyMystical

Unfortunately, Lindon is another Unit who joins Alear’s allies as a Sage fairly late in the game.

At this stage, you’re very likely to have several viable magic users already.

On top of this, his growth rates are quite lackluster in comparison to others, meaning there’s not much use in using one of your limited Seals to change his Class.

Keeping Lindon as a Sage is the best bet, but making an impact with him may still be tricky.

For this reason, it’s best to spend your time grinding his level up and inheriting Skills that may be able to give him some kind of edge, before trying to utilize him in the more difficult Chapters.

Which characters have you found the most success in for your playthrough, and which Classes did you decide to utilize for them?

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you on your adventure through Elyos.

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