Fortnite Aim Practice Creative Map Codes

Fortnite Aim Practice Creative Map Codes

Practicing your aim is one of the best methods to increase your chances of winning in Fortnite. Along with being excellent at building, being able to hit those important shots gives you a major edge in fights. Luckily, there is a great way to practice your aim in Fortnite with the introduction of Creative Mode. This post features creative codes for the following maps

Selage’s Aim Facility

This aim course is fantastic for practicing your aim. It features multiple sections where you can train everything from long range assault rifle shot to sniping. It also features a shotgun section which is great for practicing those 1v1 scenarios. This aim practice map is made by Fortnite user Selage.

Creative Code: 1444-8820-3941

Aim practice creative map code fortnite
Aim practice map shotgun

Aim + Building Practice

In this aim practice map, you’ll be able to practice your aim in all kinds of scenarios. A great addition to this map is an outdoor sniper area, and an edit + shotgun section. Besides being able to practice different weapons in this creative map, you can also practice your editing with editing-only sections. This creative map is made by Candook.

Creative Code: 0237-9611-6059

Sniper aim practice in creative mode Fortnite
Aim and edit shotgun aim practice in Fortnite

Aim & Edit Warm Up

This creative map spawns you at the entrance of two routes, an aim course, and an edit course. This aim course is truly unique, as it takes you through an entire route which features different kinds of targets, ice sliding, shotgun to deagle action and more. This aim map is made by Xypher-Thias.

Creative Code: 3814-2918-8889

Fortnite aim practice creative map code
creative mode deagle aim map Fortnite

Aim Courses

This aim map features 3 separate courses. In this map, you can practice your aim in different editing situations. This course includes roof + pyramid edit to shot, which isn’t that common in these aim courses. Fortnite user, Selage has created this map.

Creative Code: 6311-1794-9504

Aim practice map in Fortnite
Shotgun aim practice creative map code fortnite

Aim/Edit Practice Course

A change of scenery is what this aim practice and editing course will bring you. Here you’ll find different sections outside, ranging from long-range assault rifle shots to shotgun edits. This aim practice course is created by Fortnite user JBSwishy.

Creative Code: 8671-4012-6897

Outside aim practice creative mode map Fortnite
Aiming creative map fortnite

Hanamura Aim Training Island

An island with tons of different spots to practice your aim in Fortnite. Not only is this a great map for bettering your aim, but it is also a map with a cool design. Fortnite user ShuckSourDiesel has created this map.

Creative Code: 2746-3682-6541

Hanamura Aim Training Island map code Fortnite

Aim + Edit Course With 256 Bots

Train your aim with this course that combines editing and aiming. There are tons of bots in this map to help you practice one-shotting with shotguns. This aim practice map is created by Jems.

Creative Code: 6883-7955-9350

Aim + Edit Course With 256 Bots map code Fortnite

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