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Fortnite Driftboard Creative Map Codes

The Driftboard is a fun addition to Fortnite and the creative mode made recently.

With the driftboard, players can do amazing trickshots, flips, or just enjoy a nice ride.


This is exactly why some players of the community have created special driftboard courses in the creative mode.

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Driftboard Deathrun Map

Think you got the driftboard skills it takes to get through deadly traps and obstacles?

Test out your skills in this driftboard only deathrun map.

Fortnite user FortBrLeaks has created this map.

Creative Code: 1582-6190-2901

Fortnite driftboard parkour map screenshot
driftboard obstacle creative map in Fortnite

Drift Board Parkour

This is another great map to test your driftboard skills.

Here, you’ll not only need to have your jumps locked down but also your maneuvering skills.

Fortnite user Nvkenworth has created this driftboard parkour map.

Creative Code: 1723-8109-6589

Fortnite driftboard creative map code
Fortnite driftboard jump trick in creative mode

Driftin Dolphins Skate Park

Enjoy doing tricks and flips on your driftboard?

With this awesome skate park map you can take your skills to the next level.

Enjoy a selection of ramps, kickers, and more in this Fortnite skate park.

Fortnite user Dolphindom has created this driftboard map.

Creative Code: 6276-1577-4106

Driftboard skateboard screenshot in creative fortnite
Fortnite skatepark driftboard in creative mode

Driftboard Levels

Ride down a snowy slope, try to make it onto platforms high up in the air, do crazy tricks in a giant bouncer room and more.

This is what you get in this driftboard map called levels.

Fortnite user Jecastv-Twitch has created this map.

Creative Code: 0326-7012-6953

Driftboard levels creative map in Fortnite
Fortnite driftboard in creative mode screenshot

Driftboard Deathrun 2.0

Yet another deathrun designed for the driftboard.

To beat this map, you need to have full control over the driftboard in order to dodge all traps in sharp turns and other obstacles.

Fortnite user TheFortBRLeaks has created this map.

Creative Code: 6213-1011-0160

Driftboard Deathrun 2.0 map code Fortnite

The Driftboard Race

This is a different kind of creative map designed for the driftboard.

The objective of this map is to get through the race the fastest.

You can, of course, also just play this map solo and enjoy the race.

Creative Code: 1948-5934-9041

The Driftboard Race map code Fortnite

Those are all the driftboard map codes we have for Fortnite!

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