Fortnite FFA Map Codes In Creative Mode

Fortnite FFA Map Codes In Creative Mode

A free for all is a map in which everyone is agaisnt everyone. You’ll keep respawning with the same weapons, bringing you a whole new experience you might not have had in Fortnite. FFA is great for playing with friends, and is actually great training in terms of aiming and overall skill. In this list, we’ll be covering the following FFA map codes

Lefty Leave

A town overgrown with different plants. This FFA map has a Tilted Towers kinda feel, while still bringings custom built structures to the table. If your looking for a great map to play FFA, try this one out. You can build and destroy structures in this FFA map. Fortnite user Senix has created this map.

Creative Code: 5184-5792-0669

FFA creative map in Fortnite
Lefty leave creative map code Fortnite

Wild West

In this cowboy-inspired town, you’ll be battling it out just like in the Wild West. Only a few select weapons, Revolver, Pump Shotgun, and Hunting Rifle are available in this map. This map includes authentic buildings and other structures, which makes it possible to overcome your enemy by hiding in secret spots. Fortnite user WILOY_ has created this map.

Creative Code: 7311-9426-9719

Wild West FFA creative map in Fortnite
Cowboy house in FFA creative map Fortnite

Fortnite III Arena

This FFA map is filled with bouncers and boosters, which makes for a fun high mobility time. Only shotguns and deagles are available on this map. If you enjoy taking out enemies mid-air in some awesome moments, you should definitely try out this map. Fortnite user GALANDSKI has created this map.

Creative Code: 9644-1572-5947

Shotgun only FFA Creative map code in Fortnite
Bounce arena FFA map in Fortnite

Winter Wonderland

Looking for a beautiful snowy town, then this Winter Wonderland is for you. This FFA map is filled with chests containing different weapons. Fortnite user Senix has created this map.

Creative Code: 5773-8954-8305

Snowy creative map code FFA fortnite
Winter Wonderland FFA Creative Map Fortnite

Fantasy Forest

Another great FFA map taking place inside a huge forest with old ruins and beautiful structures in the mountains. Weapons are found in chests around the map. In this FFA map you can build. Fortnite user Valkyrie has created this map.

Creative Code: 2999-6819-2773

Fantasy Forest FFA creative map Fortnite
Fortnite FFA creative map code forest

Turtle Wars Map

A great FFA map that not only is fun to play, but also is great practice for close-range encounters is Turle Wars. In this map, you are encapsulated in a cube with other players. You can build and edit which is essential to utilize if you wish to win in this map. Fortnite user KM-Gaming-YT has made this creative map.

Creative Code: 1338-6394-4046

Turtle Wars Map Code Fortnite

Free For All – Town

Test your skills against your friends in this FFA map that takes place in a town. Building is enabled in this FFA map and your pickaxe one-shots obstacles. Fortnite user Fuze-Marvin has created this FFA map.

Creative Code: 5482-7612-8999

Free For All - Town map code Fortnite

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