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Cheats are a normal part of many video games. Grand strategy players will sometimes need to use these cheats to get what they want faster than normal.

Equipment is the most important part of HOI4, besides Manpower, that will decide if your armies will stand their ground against enemies or fall into pieces at first contact.

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The Add Equipment console command cheat is very useful, but it can often fail, as you can mess it up easily with the wrong code combinations.

In this guide, we will show you exactly how to use the add_equipment console command cheat in HOI4 to add equipment directly to your stockpiles and use them for your wars.

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How to Use the Add Equipment Console Command Cheat in HOI4

To add equipment such as tanks, fighters, infantry equipment, and support equipment, you will need to use the add_equipment console command cheat in HOI4.

Here is the syntax you will need to use:

add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]

Instead of [amount] you will just have to write the number that represents how many pieces of equipment you want to get (ex: 10000).

You will also have to replace the [equipment name] with the equipment code that represents the equipment you want to add (ex: support_equipment_1).

Here is an example of the right use of the command: add_equipment 20000 infantry_equipment_1.

Using this command would give you 20k Infantry Equipment I, the one available from 1936 in the research tree.

Before you go and add some equipment in your HOI4, make sure to first research the equipment. Otherwise, the cheat won’t work.

You can also use the research_on_icon_click command to make sure you have everything you need researched.

List of All Important Equipment Names for the Add Equipment Cheat

Here are all the important equipment names to use in HOI4 for the add equipment command above:

Infantry Equipment

  • infantry_equipment_0
  • infantry_equipment_1
  • infantry_equipment_2
  • infantry_equipment_3

Support Equipment

  • support_equipment_1


  • artillery_equipment_1
  • artillery_equipment_2
  • artillery_equipment_3

Anti-Tank Artillery

  • anti_tank_equipment_1
  • anti_tank_equipment_2
  • anti_tank_equipment_3

Anti-Air Artillery

  • anti_air_equipment_1
  • anti_air_equipment_2
  • anti_air_equipment_3

Rocket Artillery

  • rocket_artillery_equipment_1
  • rocket_artillery_equipment_2


  • motorized_equipment_1

Armored Car

  • gw_armored_car_equipment
  • armored_car_equipment_1
  • armored_car_equipment_2


  • mechanized_equipment_1
  • mechanized_equipment_2
  • mechanized_equipment_3
  • amphibious_mechanized_equipment_1
  • amphibious_mechanized_equipment_2


For tanks, it will be very important if you have the No Step Back DLC or not since it introduces unique, customizable tank designs.

If you have the NSB DLC, then you will need to write the exact name of the tank design you want to add.

For example, to add the basic heavy tank that the Germans get, you will need to use Neubaufahrzeug as the equipment name instead of something like heavy_tank_1.

So, you will have to write add_equipment 1000 Neubaufahrzeug to get 1k basic heavy tanks as Germany. You can find the name of the tanks in the Production tab when you select to produce new tanks.

Here are the equipment names you have to use if you don’t have the No Step Back DLC in HOI4 to add tank equipment:

  • gw_tank_equipment
  • light_tank_equipment_1
  • light_tank_equipment_2
  • light_tank_equipment_3
  • medium_tank_equipment_1
  • medium_tank_equipment_2
  • medium_tank_equipment_3
  • heavy_tank_equipment_1
  • heavy_tank_equipment_2
  • heavy_tank_equipment_3
  • super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
  • modern_tank_equipment_1
  • amphibious_tank_equipment_1
  • amphibious_tank_equipment_2


  • train_equipment_1
  • train_equipment_2
  • train_equipment_3


  • fighter_equipment_0
  • fighter_equipment_1
  • fighter_equipment_2
  • fighter_equipment_3
  • jet_fighter_equipment_1
  • jet_fighter_equipment_2
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_1
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_2
  • heavy_fighter_equipment_3


  • CAS_equipment_1
  • CAS_equipment_2
  • CAS_equipment_3


  • nav_bomber_equipment_1
  • nav_bomber_equipment_2
  • nav_bomber_equipment_3
  • tac_bomber_equipment_0
  • tac_bomber_equipment_1
  • tac_bomber_equipment_2
  • tac_bomber_equipment_3
  • strat_bomber_equipment_1
  • strat_bomber_equipment_2
  • strat_bomber_equipment_3

Transport Planes

  • transport_plane_equipment_1

That’s everything you need to know about how to add equipment in Hearts of Iron 4!

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