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Factions are a huge part of Hearts of Iron 4 since they are the only way you can create alliances with other countries. If you want someone to help you in your wars, you will need to be part of the same faction.

Of course, there are other ways to help someone, such as guarantees, but this is the main way you can make sure that the world knows who is going to be on your side in an upcoming war.

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The leader of a faction is usually the most important one since they are the one enemies will need to capitulate. If you are playing as a relatively important country in HOI4, you will likely want to create and lead your own faction.

So, in this guide, we will show you how to create a faction in Hearts of Iron 4, allowing you to lead the world in a separate direction from the Axis, Allies, and Comintern.

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How to Create a Faction in HOI4

To create a faction in HOI4, you will need to unlock the national spirit to create factions and just send a country that likes you a Create Faction diplomatic request through the Diplomacy menu.

So, to create a faction in HOI4, you will first need to get the national spirit that allows you to make them. The only countries that start with this national spirit are:

The UK, Germany, and the USSR already have a faction, and the US can create a new faction with any Democratic country in the world if the World Tension is 100%.

All the other countries in the game will need to complete a national focus that will give them the national spirit to create factions.

Rules for Creating a Faction Based on Ideology

Both Fascist and Communist countries can create a country with anyone as long as they also follow one of these two ideologies. Non-Aligned countries can only create a faction once World Tension has reached 40%.

Democracies will need 100% World Tension and they will need the target countries to also be Democracies to create a faction.

National Focus to Get National Spirit to Create Faction for Major and Minor Countries

Most important countries will have more than one national focus that will allow them to create factions due to the many ideological paths they can take.

Here are the focuses you need to complete for all the Major and Minor countries in HOI4 with unique focus trees that will unlock the national spirit to create a faction:

  • Australia – The South West Pacific Initiative / Workers Paradise / Join Comintern / Our Own Empire / A Deal With Japan
  • British Raj – Can’t Create Factions
  • Bulgaria – The Fate of the Balkans / A Balkan Confederation / Balkan Federation of Socialist Republics / The Third Bulgarian Empire
  • Dominion of Canada – North American Alliance / Canada United / Skewer the Eagle
  • China – United Front
  • Communist China – Marxism WIth Chinese Characteristics
  • Czechoslovakia – An Entente of Our Own
  • Estonia – Finno-Estonia Supremacy League
  • Ethiopia – Towards African Unity
  • France – Latin Entente / France Leads / Strengthen Little Entente / Two Countries, Two Crowns / Disunite Germany / No Further Humiliations / Loyal to the Cause
  • Guangxi Clique – Can’t Create Factions
  • Italy – Italy First / Mare Nostrum
  • Japan – Asian Communist Solidarity / Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere / West Pacific Treaty Organization
  • Kingdom of Greece – Ally Tito / The Die is Cast! / Molding the New World Order
  • Kingdom of Hungary – The Revolutionary Council / Invite the Habsburg Prince / The Balkan Pact / Alliance With Italy
  • Latvia – Consecrate the Brotherhood
  • Lithuania – Can’t Create Factions
  • Manchukuo – Reclaim the Empire
  • Mexico – Bolivarian Alliance / Realpolitik / Hispanic Alliance
  • New Zealand – Independent New Zealand / Rule Them All
  • Poland – The Between the Seas Concept / A Habsburg Alliance / Falangist International / Morges Pact / The Baltic Alliance
  • Portugal – The Popular Front Bloc / Securing the Free World / The Fifth Empire / The Kingdom Reunited
  • Romania – Balkans Dominance / The Cordon Sanitaire
  • Shanxi – Can’t Create Factions
  • Sinkiang – Can’t Create Factions
  • South Africa – South Africa First / Union of the African People
  • Spain – The Latin Bloc / Unify the London Bureau
  • Sultanate of Aussa – Can’t Create Factions
  • Switzerland – Neutral Entente
  • Turkey – Reform the Balkan Pact / The Anti-Bolshevik Mediterranean Bloc / The Mediterranean Entente / Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim / Rejoin the Central Powers / Misak-i Milli
  • Xibei San Ma – Can’t Create Factions
  • Yugoslavia – Pan-Slavic Worker’s Congress / Yugoslav Defense League
  • Yunnan – Can’t Create Factions

How to Create a Faction as a Country with a Basic National Focus

To unlock the ability to create factions as a country in HOI4 that has the basic national focus tree, you will need to complete either the Ideological Fanaticism focus or the Why We Fight focus, as long as you haven’t done the Neutrality Focus first.

Both of these are at the end of the Political Effort focus tree, which should take around 490 days to get.

So, this means that it will take at least 490 days for a basic country in HOI4 to gain the ability to create a faction.

After that, you just need to right-click on a country that you have a good relationship with and press the Create Faction if there is a green checkmark next to the button.

That’s everything you need to know about how to create a faction in Hearts of Iron 4!

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