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Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom was one of the most influential monarchs of our time. As many people around the world loved and appreciated her, it would be a waste for Paradox Interactive not to let you play as her in Hearts of Iron 4.

Considering that she got on the throne of the UK in 1952 and that the game generally is finished by that year, you would think that it might be impossible to get her to rule the kingdom.

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However, Paradox has added an Easter Egg where you can get Queen Elizabeth to rule the UK and assign her three corgis as Political Advisors.

There are a lot of steps and hoops that you will need to get through to get Queen Elizabeth in HOI4, and we will show you all of these down below.

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How to Get Queen Elizabeth in HOI4

There are a few requirements you will need to meet to get Queen Elizabeth to rule the UK in HOI4:

  • Have the Non-Aligned party rule the country
  • Have King George VI rule for at least 4 years

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to meet these two requirements together, as the UK is very headstrong in its democratic ways.

If you want to influence politics in any other direction, you will likely end up Fascist or Communist.

So, here is exactly what you need to do to get Queen Elizabeth to rule the UK in HOI4 as fast as possible:

Get the King’s Party to Rule the UK – Edward VIII Abdication Crisis

Your first step to getting Queen Elizabeth in Hearts of Iron 4 will be making sure that you have the Non-Aligned party ruling the country.

Unfortunately, there is only one path that will allow you to do this, and it is full of war.

Luckily, this national focus path is also very entertaining, so you will have a lot to do before the Second World War starts.

What you first need to do is go to the rightmost national focus tree and choose A Change in Course. This focus tree will allow you to either turn Fascist, Communist, or Non-Aligned.

The next choice that you would need to take is The King’s Party. However, you can’t choose this unless King Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson.

So, after completing the A Change in Course focus tree, go through the focuses under Limited Rearmament to get some buffs until around June 12, when you will get the Edward VIII Abdication Crisis event chain.

Choose the “Compromise on a morganatic marriage” option to keep Edward VIII in power and also marry him to Wallis Simpson.

You will now go through a lot of events, either giving you buffs or debuffs to Stability and the Non-Aligned party’s popularity.

This part will last 200 days, and once it is done, King Edward VIII will be married, and you can finally do The King’s Party national focus.

Buckingham Palace Bombed – King Edward Dead Event

This next part is actually the trickiest, as you can easily miss it.

To get Queen Elizabeth in HOI4, King Edward will have to die and let his brother, George, take over. However, to get to the event where King Edward dies, you will need to let an enemy bomb London.

The exact thing that triggers this event is the Greater London Area being bombed by Strategic Bombers.

Once 8 days have passed since the bombing, you will get the event where King Edward dies, and King George VI takes his place.

Generally, the only enemy that will likely bomb London is Germany. However, players have a path in the monarchist tree to ally with Germany, which can make you miss out on this event.

You will also need to leave the Southern England airspace undefended to allow the Germans to take care of your king.

Another reason why regular players might miss out on this event is defending your airspace properly.

King George VI Dies Event

Now, all you need to do to get Queen Elizabeth in HOI4, you will need to get rid of King George VI. Unfortunately, there is no way to trigger his death like you did King Edward’s.

You will get an event after 4 years of George’s rulership that will say that King George VI dies and that Queen Elizabeth will now take the throne.

However, the 4-year “death” timer for George only starts ticking after 1941, so the earliest date you can get Elizabeth is January 1, 1945.

By this time, unfortunately, most players are already done with their world conquest.

If you played it slower to make things more interesting, or you are playing a multiplayer session, then this might be a fun little thing you can get in the late game.

Elizabeth works more as an Easter Egg rather than a game mechanic, as you can also appoint her three corgis as Political Advisors.

How to Get Queen Elizabeth with Cheats

Getting Queen Elizabeth through events in HOI4 can take a really long time. This is why some players might prefer getting her using cheats.

Well, there is an easy way to get her, and all you need to do is trigger the event where George dies.

It doesn’t matter if Edward is the one ruling the country since the event just puts Elizabeth in charge of the country. The only thing that you need to make sure to do first is to put the Non-Aligned party in charge.

You can also do this through cheats, but it would be better to do it through the national focus. So, first, here are the cheats you can use to get The King’s Party focus quickly before putting Elizabeth in charge:

  • Focus.AutoComplete
  • Focus.NoChecks

Use these two, open the Focus Tree, select the A Change in Course and The King’s Party focuses, and then enter them again to disable them. Otherwise, the AI will also use these to get past all of their focuses.

Now you should have Edward in power. You can replace him with Queen Elizabeth in HOI4 by entering this cheat in the command console:

  • event mtg_britain.1000

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Queen Elizabeth in Hearts of Iron 4!

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