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War can be very complicated in Hearts of Iron 4 since there are so many stats and numbers that you have to look at to realize why you are losing or winning battles.

One of the base stats of land troops in HOI4 is Organization. This stat is one of the two main stats that will decide if your division will lose or win a battle.

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Most players will notice that their Organization is very low or that it has fallen extremely low and it isn’t rising back fast enough to combat the troops trying to conquer your territories.

In this guide, we will show you how to increase the base Organization of your divisions in HOI4 and how to increase their recovery rate at which Organization grows back to 100%.

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How Organization Works in HOI4

Organization is a land unit stat in HOI4 that shows you how prepared the troops are for battle.

Depending on the battalions that form the division, the maximum Organization will be very different for each troop you field.

In battles, divisions will lower each other’s Organization and HP until one of them reaches 0 and either retreats to a new province or stops the attack.

This is why having high Organization can be very important since you will make sure that your division can handle longer battles better than your enemies.

When we generally speak of “increasing Organization”, most HOI4 players refer to increasing the maximum Organization of the division.

However, some newer players might wrongly refer to the time it takes for a division to recover their Organization, from 0% to 100%.

That stat is actually called Recovery rate, and it is also extremely important when dealing with larger fronts where you might often lose battles.

Even winning battles will lower Organization, which means that Recovery rate is also important for the better country as well.

How to Increase Max Organization in HOI4

There are three ways to increase Organization in HOI4:

  • Change Division Template
  • Land Doctrines
  • Research

Changing Division Templates

Each battalion in HOI4 has a different Organization. Infantry will start the game 60, Cavalry will have 70, and Tanks will have 10.

Your division will have a total Organization the average between all your battalions.

This is why making a full tank division is a bad idea since you will have close to 10 Organization and will likely lose many battles.

Combining battalions and making divisions that have both tanks and mechanized infantry, for example, is the right way to increase Organization for your troops.

The best way to increase the max Organization for your divisions in HOI4 is to add battalions with high Organization, such as Infantry and Motorized/Mechanized battalions.

If you have a decent balance between battalions with high Organization and battalions with actual good stats, such as Tanks and Artillery, you will build the best possible divisions in HOI4.

Land Doctrines

Most Land Doctrines will increase the Organization of battalions such as Infantry, Tanks, and Artillery.

Before you choose which Land Doctrine you want to invest all your Army Experience into, look a bit through the bonuses you will get.

For example, going down the Mobile Warfare Doctrine can get you 60 extra Organization for Motorized Infantry and Mechanized Infantry. Superior Firepower can get you +25 Organization for support companies.

Land Doctrines are an amazing way to increase the maximum Organization for your divisions in HOI4.

You just need to look through the possible upgrades and choose the ones that will help you out the most.


Unfortunately, research won’t be extremely useful when it comes to Organization. You will mostly unlock upgrades that increase the Attack of your battalions and divisions.

There are, however, some troops that can improve from research when it comes to Organization.

Special Forces are units that are specialized in specific types of attacks, such as naval invasions, fighting in mountains, or jumping from planes behind enemy lines.

Most of the upgrades you can research for Special Forces in HOI4 will increase their Organization, making them much more reliable and powerful.

You can get at +15 Organization if you do all the Special Forces-related research in the Infantry tree.

How to Increase Organization Recovery Rate

If you want to increase Organization back to 100% faster in HOI4, you will need to increase the Recovery Rate.

Generally, you can increase Recovery Rate through Land Doctrines and Generals. There aren’t really any other good ways to do this.

Most Land Doctrines will increase Recovery Rate for your troops.

Mobile Warfare will work on improving the Recovery Rate of Tanks, Superior Firepower will increase Artillery Recovery Rate, and Mass Assault will greatly increase the Recovery Rate of Infantry and your army in general.

Generals are also a good way to make sure your divisions have high Organization, as they can increase Reinforce Rate by 2% if they have the Organization First Field Marshal trait.

Here are the base Reinforce Rates for all battalions in HOI4, so you can understand better how the Organization First trait can help your army:

  • Infantry – 0.25 Organization/hr
  • Motorized/Mechanized – 0.30 Organization/hr
  • Armor – 0.30 Organization/hr
  • Line artillery and armor variants – 0.10 Organization/hr
  • Support companies – 0.10 Organization/hr

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase Organization in Hearts of Iron 4!

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