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One of the worst things that can happen in Hearts of Iron 4 is to get into a faction thinking they will conquer the world, only to realize that they are likely to lose their first war with some minor power.

If you have the ambition to conquer the world yourself and don’t want to be stuck in one of the major factions anymore, all you need to do is leave that faction.

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However, there is no simple button you can see on the main interface to get out of your horrible faction. Still, with a bit of instruction from us, you will see that you can fix this problem in seconds.

To leave a faction in HOI4, all you need to do is select the leader of your faction and press the “Leave faction” button in the diplomacy menu.

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How to Leave a Faction in HOI4

Here is how players can easily leave their faction in HOI4:

  1. Right-click on the faction leader to open the diplomacy menu.
  2. Press the “Leave faction” button.
  3. Press the Send button.

If you leave a faction, you will get a -75 relationship modifier with the leader of the faction. However, you likely left the faction to fight them, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

You can see who is the faction leader by pressing on your flag (or pressing Q) to open the Political menu and hovering over the name of the faction right below National Spirit.

You will first see that your country is a member of the faction name, and if you wait a second, you will also see the other members of the faction, with the leader having the “(Leader)” written next to their name.

Players can also just right-click on their own nation to open the diplomacy menu and hover over green flags that appear under National Spirit, which says which faction you are a part of and the faction leader.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave a faction if you are in a war together, though, and the button to leave the faction will be grayed out.

How to Leave a Faction During War

One of the biggest problems players may face when they want to leave a faction in HOI4 is that they cannot do it due to them “fighting a war together.”

The only way you can leave a faction in HOI4 while you and the other members are in a war together is to use cheats.

Here is how to leave a faction during war in HOI4 using cheats:

  1. Press the ~ button on your keyboard, the one next to 1, to open the command console.
  2. Paste the following cheat in there, allowdiplo, and press Enter.

All diplomatic action should now be available, even if you don’t meet the right requirements. So, go into the diplomatic screen of your faction leader and select to leave the faction.

You can use the same cheat again to disable the command and play the game normally again.

How to Leave a Faction If the Faction Leader Has Capitulated

If the leader of the faction has capitulated, you cannot right-click on them to open the diplomacy menu, can you?

Well, you can right-click on your own country to open your own diplomacy menu and then click on the flag of your faction leader, which should appear first under National Spirit.

This will open the diplomacy menu, allowing you to leave the faction in HOI4 even though your leader capitulated.

How to Leave Your Faction as the Faction Leader

The last problem you might have is when you want to leave your own faction as the faction leader in HOI4.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave your own faction in this situation. All you could do is disband your faction.

Here is how you can dismantle your faction as the faction leader in HOI4, effectively leaving it:

  1. Kick all of the faction members besides your puppets. You can do this by opening their diplomacy menu and selecting the “Kick From Faction” button.
  2. Open your political menu by pressing Q or the flag in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Press the Dismantle Faction button that looks like two green flags with a red X over them, that appears right below National Spirit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to leave a faction in Hearts of Iron 4!

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