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Hearts of Iron 4 is a relatively hard real-time grand strategy game where players will need to guide one of the countries of the world through the Second World War.

Though the premise is very interesting, the difficulty of the task is as close to reality as possible, meaning many players will have problems with playing as most of the countries that lost.

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Even the countries that won the war will have a hard time since Germany and Japan won’t give up easily.

This is why cheats can sometimes help familiarize yourself with the game while also learning about the mechanics. Manpower is one of the most annoying resources to get in HOI4 since there aren’t many natural ways to increase it.

To use the Manpower cheat in Hearts of Iron 4 and instantly increase your country’s Manpower pool, write “manpower” in the command console and press Enter.

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What Is the Manpower Cheat?

The cheat to gain Manpower in HOI4 is just a simple syntax:

manpower [amount]

So, to use the cheat, you would have to open the command console and type in “manpower” and a number afterward, representing how much Manpower you want to gain.

Players can also just write “manpower” and press enter, since this would give them 10 million Manpower and get it done with. However, if you just want a boost, you can write something like “manpower 100000” to get 100k people in the Manpower pool.

How to Use the Manpower Cheat in HOI4

  1. Open the command console by pressing ~ on the keyboard.
  2. Write “manpower”, press Space, and write the number that represents how much Manpower you want to get.
  3. Press Enter.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use the Manpower cheat in Hearts of Iron 4!

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