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In Hearts of Iron 4, players will have to use all kinds of tanks to try and get the upper hand in the Second World War. With the addition of tank designers in the game, there are more possibilities than ever.

One of the best types of tanks you can create in HOI4 with the help of the No Step Back DLC is the Flame Tank.

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This special support tank will make your divisions gain advantages in most types of terrains in the game, as well as give you powerful attack bonuses.

To get Flame Tanks in HOI4, you first need to research Engineer Company II, create a tank template with a Flamethrower Main Armament, and then design a division and add the Flame Tanks as a Support Company.

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What Are Flame Tanks?

The Flame Tank in HOI4 is a Support Company that you can add to your divisions to get various attack bonuses in most terrain types and also add a bit of extra armor, defense, and breakthrough.

The Flame Tanks are relatively easy to make, and they will significantly improve the quality of your divisions forever, making them one of the best Support Companies that should always be present.

Any division that has the Flame Tank as a Support Company will get an attack bonus in the following terrain types:

  • Fort
  • River
  • Amphibious
  • Forest
  • Hills
  • Mountain
  • Urban
  • Jungle
  • Marsh

How to Get Flame Tanks in HOI4

Here is how to get Flame Tanks in HOI4:

  1. Research the Engineer Company II tech, available around 1939.
  2. Go to the Production tab, open the Build Armored Vehicles menu (the green tank with a + sign next to it in the upper part of the screen), and select to create a tank variant.
  3. Select the Main Armament module slot (the slot next to the turret) and choose to place a Flamethrower.
  4. Under the name of the tank, press the Light/Medium/Heavy Tank button and select the Flame (Support Company) option.
  5. Edit the variant as much as you want and save.
  6. Open the Recruit & Deploy tab and edit a division.
  7. Add the Flame Tank Company as a Support Company to the division and save.

The Flame Tank is a pure support battalion, so there is no way to get them alongside the line battalions.

So, unfortunately, for players who want to do unspeakable things, there is no way to make pure Flame Tank divisions.

You also need to produce your own Flame Tanks as you would any other kind of equipment in HOI4, so make sure to check in on your design and update it as soon as you get more Army Experience.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Flame Tanks in Hearts of Iron 4!

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