Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – What Is the End Date of the Game?

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Most Paradox Interactive grand strategy games have an end date. After playing games such as Crusader Kings 3 and Europa Universalis 4, you probably expect an end date from Hearts of Iron 4 as well.

Since HOI4 is all about the Second World War, you would think that the game wouldn’t last that long. You should only play the prelude to the war and then finish it. Should a game about WW2 have gameplay mechanics after the war?

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Can you also experience the Cold War? Is there anything stopping you from continuing the game forever? Maybe the lack of content and the huge lag that appears after 1945 could be a problem.

There is no end date for Hearts of Iron 4. The game never ends, and there is no “end game” screen that appears at any point in the playthrough, as you can continue playing until 9999.

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What is the End Date of HOI4?

In the past, 1949 was the end date for HOI4. However, that is not true anymore. Back when the game first appeared, players would reach the date of January 1, 1949, and they would get a screen with a score.

Now, you can check your stats at any time, making that screen useless. There is no end date for HOI4, and you can continue playing as long as you want, making the end date for the game 9999.

Most players would say that the end date for HOI4 is decided by your computer, as the game starts lagging immensely towards the later dates due to the huge armies that everyone has.

Since there also isn’t any game from Paradox that you could continue the story into, the game has no real ending.

The only thing limiting you is the lack of national focuses and technologies once you reach 1949.

So, the real end date for HOI4 is either the moment your computer starts lagging too much or when you get bored from the lack of active content, such as focuses, events, and technologies.

That’s everything you need to know about the end date of Hearts of Iron 4!

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