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In Hero Wars, you need to collect a range of different resources for purposes such as upgrading your character and obtaining new heroes.

By playing the game regularly, you will get a variety of resources, but there might be specific ones you want to farm in order to progress faster or beat a certain level.

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Therefore, we’ve created this guide to teach you how to get different resources in Hero Wars and what each of them is used for.

The most common resource in Hero Wars is gold, most of which you’ll get from completing doing tower runs and farming previously completed stages.

Energy is an essential resource as it is required to start stages.

You’ll get most of your energy from claiming quests in the daily quests tab and from the one energy you get every five minutes.

EXP potions are mainly obtained through stage rewards and by purchasing them from shops.

Emeralds are extremely valuable and are primarily obtained through arena rewards, events, and quests – more details on what to use each resource for and how to get them below.

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How to get gold

The most common currency in Hero Wars is gold. You need gold for a wide range of purposes, such as buying certain items in the shop.

What makes gold extremely valuable in Hero Wars, is that you need it to upgrade your heroes.

Both skill upgrades, promotions, creating gear, and others cost gold and a lot of it.

The cost of upgrading these things rise exponentially, which means you need a ton of gold, later on, to keep upgrading your heroes.

There are several ways to get gold in Hero Wars, including completing normal and daily quests, events, selling items gathered from gameplay, and guild rewards.

The most effective way to get a lot of gold quickly, however, is by doing runs in the tower.

The more floors you complete in the tower, the more gold you’ll get from the reward chest.

Another excellent method for farming gold is doing previously completed stages again.

Lastly, you can also get quite a bit of gold from the theater feature. However, you probably want to save those tickets for either emeralds or energy instead.

Hero Wars gold rewards from arena event

How to get energy

Energy is an essential resource in Hero Wars; without it, you can’t play the game.

Every time you start a stage, it costs a certain amount of energy, depending on which battle you’re entering.

Therefore, you should always grab an energy reward if you get the opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to get energy in Hero Wars.

The main way to get energy besides the one energy you get every five minutes for free is by claiming energy in the daily quests tab.

Every day, you can claim 60 energy for free three times. You do, however, have to claim the energy within the following time three intervals: 08:00 to 11:00, 13:00 to 16:00, and 20:00 to 23:00, all local time.

If you claim the 60 energy within all three-time intervals, you’ll get 180 energy for free every day.

Though not as effective when you reach a high team level, you do also get some energy every time your team levels up.

Another way to get energy is by using the theater feature.

Watching one ad gives you one theater ticket, which you can exchange for 12 energy.

The game also has an event that allows you to farm energy from time to time, so check out the event tab for current events.

Lastly, you can buy energy using gems, which means you can farm gems and then spend them on energy – effectively farming energy that way.

Hero Wars energy reward team level up

How to get EXP potions

One of the main ways to upgrade your heroes in Hero Wars is by leveling them up.

To level up a hero, you need EXP, which you get from EXP potions.

At the beginning of the game, you can level up a hero quite a few times with just a single EXP potion, but later on, you’re going to need a lot to keep increasing their power.

Therefore, you should look to farm EXP potions once in a while.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways to get your hands on more EXP potions in Hero Wars.

The main two ways to get EXP potions in Hero Wars is from stage rewards and shops. The farther into the game you get, the better the quality of the EXP potions you get from stages.

Because the quality of EXP potions from stages increases, it helps with the exponentially increasing exp requirements.

If you find yourself stuck at a particular stage, you can go back to earlier ones to farm EXP potions from those.

The second main way to get EXP potions in the game is by purchasing them from various shops, such as the regular shop, where you can buy EXP potions for gold.

Besides these two ways to get EXP potions, events in the game often offer a way to get more EXP potions, such as the daily login event, which gives you an EXP potion every couple of days.

Hero Wars EXP potions

How to get emeralds

The premium currency in Hero Wars are emeralds, which are, because of their value, difficult to farm.

Emeralds serve a range of useful purposes, and of course, are required to purchase chests, which contains heroes and hero fragments.

You can also use emeralds to purchase more energy, raid tickets, etc.

Because emeralds are so valuable, you should take advantage of any opportunity you get to earn them.

Despite their value, there are a couple of ways to get emeralds in Hero Wars.

Firstly, arena rewards sent to your mailbox when you reach higher rankings can be of significant size.

We’ve gotten close to 100 gems 2-3 times per day by reaching new rankings in the arena, so be sure to use all your daily arena entrances.

Most events also offer emeralds rewards like the daily login event, so be sure to claim them.

Another way to get more gems is by progressing through the game. Quests that ask you to complete a certain stage often give emeralds as a reward.

However, you can only complete these types of quests once, and they might be difficult to complete if you are stuck at a particular stage.

Lastly, you can get emeralds from watching ads through the theater feature.

Five theater tickets can be exchanged for 30 emeralds, which means each ad you watch is worth 6 emeralds.

Another similar method for getting emeralds is by completing offers in the free gems tab in the bottom menu on the main screen.

Here you can find offers such as playing another mobile game until a certain level, and you’ll then get a certain number of emeralds.

Hero Wars emeralds reward from arena

How to get equipment

Equipment is important and useful for your heroes in Hero Wars, not only because it increases their stats, but also because they are required for promoting a hero.

When you’ve filled up all equipment slots on a hero, you can promote that hero to the next tier, permanently increasing their stats.

Farming equipment is, therefore, a great way to increase the power of your heroes and thereby your team.

The main way to get equipment in Hero Wars is by farming stages, including those you’ve already beat previously.

Many stages give you several pieces of gear each time you complete them, so you can quickly gather a lot of equipment by battling stages.

Equipment can also be obtained by purchasing them in various shops and by combining equipment recipes.

Lastly, you’ll often find yourself needing one specific piece of equipment to promote a hero.

In these cases, you can press the missing item and craft the item by spending gold and required lower grade pieces of equipment.

If you don’t have the required lower grade pieces of equipment, you can click them to see which stages drop them.

Hero Wars equipment

That’s how to get the most common resources in Hero Wars as well as what each of them is used for.

If you know any alternative ways to gather any resource in the game that you believe our readers should know, you can leave them in the comments below, and we’ll add it to this guide.

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