How to get rid of heroes Mobile Legends Adventure

How To Get Rid Of Heroes – Mobile Legends: Adventure

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After summoning a ton of heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure, chances are you have had your bag filled up. There are two things you can do in this situation, either fuse heroes together in the Fusion Shrine or dismantle heroes in the Dismantle Shrine. If you can’t fuse any heroes, you have to dismantle 1-star and 2-star heroes.

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How to dismantle heroes

To dismantle heroes in ML: Adventure, head to the Dismantle Shrine by pressing it on the main screen.

Dismantle Shrine Mobile Legends Adventure

Once inside, press the Character Dismantle tab in the left side of the screen.

Character Dismantle tab Mobile Legends Adventure

Go ahead and press Quick Select in the bottom right corner. This will automatically choose your 1 and 2-star heroes for dismantling. You don’t have much use for these heroes, so dismantling them is your best option. Press the Dismantle button once you’ve selected the heroes you wish to dismantle.

How to dismantle heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure

Heroes are dismantled into various useful items, including Hero Experience, Advance Stone, and Shrine Crystal.

Shrine Crystal is especially useful as you’ll find a Shrine Shop in the bottom left of your screen, when inside the Dismantle Shrine. In this shop, you can exchange Shrine Crystal for various goods, such as 5-star heroes, and 5-star and 4-star hero fragments.

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