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Kings Legion is a strategy mobile game by TG Inc. (Top Games) in which you build a mighty kingdom and conquer the land.

Throughout your journey, you’ll be undertaking several tasks, including raising an army, collecting heroes, fighting enemies, completing puzzles, and more.

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To be successful in Kings Legion, you need to be strategic when building your army, cooperate with players, and gather resources.

This guide gives you tips and tricks for getting a great start in Kings Legion and how to progress faster.

Kings Legion is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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Game introduction

Kings Legion takes place in a magical world filled with kingdoms to conquer and resources to gather.

The main objective of the game is for you to build a strong kingdom, expand your presence on the world map, and progress through puzzles and levels.

To do this, you need to upgrade your buildings and heroes, train troops, upgrade buildings, and more.

There are several activities for you to do in the game, including fighting enemies on the world map, completing puzzles in the puzzle campaign, and fighting levels of enemies in the expedition.

Throughout your adventure, you will experiment with different army setups and fight alongside your alliance members.

Once you reach chapter 3 in the game, you have to join one of three faiths, each with their own set of buffs. Here are the three faiths.

  • Zealot: Army ATK +3%, Training Speed +5%, Marching Speed +5%
  • Balancer: Resource Production +20%, Gathering Speed +5%, Construction Speed +5%
  • Boffin: Research Speed +3%, Healing Speed +20%, Hospital Capacity +15%

Each of them are useful, so we recommend to pick the one that suits your preferred style of play.

How to get heroes

You need to collect heroes in Kings Legion to improve the power of your army.

Not only do you need different heroes to build unique teams, but you also need different heroes so you can bring certain types of troops.

The main way to get heroes in Kings Legion is by summoning heroes and hero shards. You can do both common and advanced summonings in the summoning building in your city.

Common summonings give worse rewards than advanced summonings but are easier to obtain.

Every single day, you receive several free common summonings, and you’ll get several common tickets from just playing the game.

You can only get hero shards and resources from common summonings, while advanced summonings can give both hero shards, resources, and heroes directly.

Once you’ve gathered the required number of hero shards of a specific hero, you can combine them into that hero by combining them in your bag.

You can also get heroes and hero shards by completing game content, including puzzles, events, and quests.

Team composition

Having strong troops and heroes you’ve upgraded a lot is important, but is not enough to ensure victory in Kings Legion.

When you select your team composition in Kings Legion, you should not only consider what heroes to bring but also what troops each hero carries with it.

Furthermore, the actual position of each hero also has a major impact on the outcome of a battle.

If you find yourself stuck at a certain level or enemy, try repositioning your heroes and troops.

We’ve found stacking powerful ranged enemies behind your tankiest troops very effective.

After trying out different compositions and heroes, you might still find yourself stuck at a certain point.

In this case, your only choice is to upgrade your heroes, troops, or gather new heroes.

Spend speedups optimally

An important item in Kings Legion is the speedup.

Speedups allow you to reduce the remaining time of an upgrade, troop training, etc.

You will get plenty of speedups from playing the game, but even then, you should still spend them optimally.

At the beginning of the game, it’s less important how you spend them, and it might be best to use them on your town hall here.

Your town hall is your main building. No other buildings can be upgraded past the level of your town hall, so you obviously want to get this leveled up.

Later on, though, you should start spending your speedups on either troop-generating buildings or the academy.

While troop-generating buildings are being upgraded, they cannot generate troops. Therefore, spending speedups on these is a wise choice.

Likewise, you cannot research in the academy while it’s being upgraded, which is why you should prioritize your speedups for this building as well.

Alliance benefits

Joining an alliance is one of the first things you should do in Kings Legion.

To join an alliance, press the ‘Alliance’ icon in the bottom menu, click ‘Join’, find an alliance, and click ‘Application’ or ‘Join’.

Some alliances require you to apply. Thus they have an application button.

Other alliances allow you to join directly. Thus they have a join button.

As a new player, we recommend you just find an alliance that’ll let you join without applying.

Later on, you might want to leave your alliance and find a better one if you’ve outgrown the power of your alliance.

Players can also invite you to their alliance, so if you haven’t already joined one, you might get an invitation while playing the game.

Being in an alliance comes with several benefits, including daily tax rewards and resources, access to the alliance shop, extra technology buffs, help in battles and when rallying, and more.

As you can tell, being in an alliance will significantly help you in your journey.

Furthermore, a lot of the game revolves around claiming new territory as an alliance to get more resources, tax rewards, and buffs.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to join one right when you start playing.

Complete quests and puzzles

To ensure you progress at a fast pace, you should always look out for quests and puzzles to complete.

Quests make sure you don’t miss out on vital content and that you keep upgrading your kingdom while giving you resources and useful items, including hero shards and summoning tickets.

You can see your current quests by clicking the book icon in the bottom left corner. Here you can also see the different rewards for completing quests.

Another feature you should also always look out for is puzzles.

You can check all puzzles currently available to you by clicking ‘Puzzle’ in the bottom menu.

Most puzzles are relatively simple to complete and give excellent rewards, including heroes, shards, and tomes.

Participate in events

Several events usually run all the time in Kings Legion.

The activities you need to do in events range from everything from upgrading specific buildings to fighting a specific number of battles.

Upon completing tasks in events, you receive resources and other useful items.

You can check out what events are currently running by clicking ‘Event’ in the top right corner.

In the event tab, you can also check the calendar for upcoming events.

That’s all our tips and tricks for Kings Legion!

With this guide, you are hopefully better suited for starting your journey in the game and can progress faster.

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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