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Creating your character is the first step in starting your adventure in Lost Ark.

Being an MMORPG, Lost Ark features a vast character customization system that allows you to tune the look of your character to your liking.

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Something that many players quickly notice is that the gender of your character changes depending on what class you select in the character creation menu.

In Lost Ark, the gender of your character is determined by the advanced class that you pick. Some overall classes can only be one gender, while some can be both male or female. Every single advanced class in the game, however, is gender-locked.

Because of the gender-lock system in Lost Ark, you can only choose the gender of your character by selecting an advanced class that matches the gender you wish to play. You cannot change the gender of a specific advanced class.

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Can you choose gender in Lost Ark?

No, you cannot freely choose the gender of your character in Lost Ark. Advanced classes are gender-locked, which means that some classes are only male and some are only female.

When you’re creating a character in Lost Ark, you’ll quickly notice that the gender of the character changes based on what class you select.

Lost Ark has chosen advanced classes to only be of one gender, which are the actual classes you play. Some overall classes or branches have both male and female advanced classes or subclasses.

Here are all the overall classes that can only be one gender and what gender they are:

  • Warrior: Male
  • Mage: Female
  • Assassin: Female

If you want to play any advanced class within these overall classes, then you have no choice but to play as a character of the gender they’re locked to.

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These are the overall classes that have both female and male advanced classes in Lost Ark:

  • Martial Artist: Female or Male
  • Gunner: Female or Male

Even though these overall classes or branches have both male and female advanced classes, each advanced class can only be played as either male or female.

Here is a complete overview of each advanced class in Lost Ark and whether they are male or female.

Overall classAdvanced ClassGender
Martial ArtistWardancerFemale
Martial ArtistScrapperFemale
Martial ArtistSoulfistFemale
Martial ArtistStrikerMale

If you want to specifically play either a male or a female character, then you have to choose an advanced class that matches that.

That’s all you need to know about gender selection when creating characters in Lost Ark!

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