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Pirate Coins are one of the most important currencies in Lost Ark, as you start needing them for many purposes later on in the game, including honing gear.

As Pirate Coins are related to sailing activities, you also need to purchase most things related to ships, including upgrade materials.

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There are several ways to obtain Pirate Coins in the game, even though it might not seem like it’s an abundant currency right when you unlock sailing.

The fastest way to obtain Pirate Coins in Lost Ark is by completing island quests on the smaller island that you can find all over the open sea. Some of the islands that give a lot of Pirate Coins quickly include Blackfang’s Den, Golden Wave Island, and Freedom Isle. You can find more islands to farm Pirate Coins on below.

All other ways to obtain Pirate Coins in the game are through Dispatch Missions in your Stronghold, Daily Quests, Exchange at Tea and Libra Guild Vessel, Co-op quests, Procyon Adventures, and floating treasure – find more information on each method below.

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Where to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark

As you progress through Lost Ark, Pirate Coins become one of the currencies that you start needing for many purposes, including honing equipment, unlocking emotes, and upgrading your ship.

There are many ways to obtain the currency in the game, some of which give more Pirate Coins than others.

Here is every single way to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark:

  • Island Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Dispatch Missions in Stronghold
  • Tea and Libra Guild Vessel exchange
  • Co-op quests
  • Procyon Compass Adventures
  • Floating treasure

You will get most of your Pirate Coins from completing Island Quests. Completing Island Quests is also the fastest way to obtain a lot of Pirate Coins.

Island Quests are the smaller side questlines that you can find on the numerous smaller islands that are all over the sea of Lost Ark.

Many of the Island Quests that you can do give many Pirate Coins directly as a reward, and others give High Seas Coin Chests, which allows you to pick any of the six sailing coins that you can then exchange for Pirate Coins at the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel at ports.

You might not want to exchange all of your sailing coins for Pirate Coins, though, as you need sailing coins for upgrading and items later on.

Just from completing a couple of quick quests on the island Blackfang’s Den, for example, we got 10,000 Pirate Coins.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins reward from Blackfang's Den quest
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Here are some of the islands in Lost Ark that’ll net you the most Pirate Coins the quickest:

  • Blackfang’s Den
  • Freedom Isle
  • Golden Wave Island
  • Giant Mushroom Island
  • Lullaby Island
  • Turtle Island
  • Peyto
  • Kalthertz
  • Runaways Island
  • Glacier Isle

You can find the exact location of each of these islands by opening the World Map, typing in their name in the search bar in the top-right corner, and clicking them.

The location of them will now be highlighted on the map, and you can sail to them manually or use the Auto-route feature to get to them.

There are many great islands to farm Pirate Coins on to the left of the Wall of Procyon as well, but you cannot sail past it before later in the game.

After completing the one-time quests on islands, you can start doing Daily Quests to obtain more Pirate Coins, some of which are only available after completing the one-time quests on an island. You can see available daily quests in the Una’s Tasks menu.

Dispatch Missions in your Stronghold also give Pirate Coins as a reward, and it doesn’t require any more work than starting a mission.

You can see and start Dispatch Missions by going to your Stronghold, opening Management, clicking Station, selecting a mission, and clicking Start.

Though it is far from as fast as Island Quests, Dispatch Missions will net you a decent number of Pirate Coins for very little work, especially as you start doing higher-level missions and have multiple ships in your Stronghold.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins from Stronghold Dispatch Mission
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

At every major island’s port, you’ll find the Traveling Merchant Ship Tea and Libra Guild Vessel residing in the waters.

You can exchange any of the six sailing coins for Pirate Coins at the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel at the following rates:

  • 1 Gienah’s Coin = 10 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sceptrum’s Coin = 12 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Arcturus’s Coin = 15 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Ancient Coin = 17 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sun Coin = 20 Pirate Coins

Even if you need Pirate Coins right now, it might now always be the best idea to exchange your sailing coins for Pirate Coins, as you need sailing coins to purchase upgrade materials and other items.

While you complete island quests, you’ll also receive High Seas Coin Chests, which allow you to pick 100 of any sailing coin. If you decide to exchange sailing coins for Pirate Coins, choose Sun Coins, as they give the most Pirate Coins when exchanged.

Co-op quests are special quests on the ocean that anyone can join. The better you complete the objective at hand, the more sailing coins and Pirate Coins you’ll get.

Unlike normal quests, Co-op quests start at specific times, so to do them, you need to go to their area at the starting time, which is somewhere on the ocean.

You can see what Co-op quests are available to do, when they start, and where their location is in the Calendar in the top-left corner. You need to be level 50 or higher to use the Calendar, and some Co-op quests have item-level requirements.

Doing Procyon Compass Adventures is another way to obtain Pirate Coins in Lost Ark.

You can see what Adventures are available to do today and when they start by clicking the Procyon’s Compass icon in the menu below the minimap in the top-right corner and clicking Appearance Notif Info under Adventure Island.

Not all Adventure Island missions give Pirate Coins as a reward, so check their Expected Adventure Reward window to see what rewards they give.

Lost Ark Procyon Compass Adventure Island rewards
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

The last way to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark is by collecting floating treasure.

Floating treasures are the floating barrels and chests that you see all over the open sea when sailing. They are indicated by orange dots on the minimap.

Even though you’re shown that they can give Pirate Coins when you unlock sailing in the game, it is a very unreliable way to get them.

We tried to farm some, and after collecting around 50 floating treasures, we hadn’t found a single one that gave Pirate Coins.

Therefore, if you’re after Pirate Coins, go with one of the other methods – we recommend doing Island Quests first.

That’s how to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark and what the fastest way to obtain them is!

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