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Gienah’s Coin is one of the sailing-related currencies in Lost Ark that you need for various purposes, including buying Ship Blueprints.

Many players do, however, not know how or where to obtain Gienah’s Coins in the game.

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There are several ways to obtain the currency in the game, some that you can do before reaching level 50 and others that you need to be at least level 50 to do.

You can get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark by completing island quests, by participating in Co-op quests and Adventure Island events in the Procyon’s Compass, by purchasing them from trade merchants in your Stronghold, and by doing events like Login Rewards – find more information on each method below.

Though all of these sources can give Gienah’s Coins, the primary source of Gienah’s Coins is island quests and Co-op quests.

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How to get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark

As you start trading with Traveling Merchant Ships to obtain various items and resources, you’ll most likely find yourself in need of Gienah’s Coins.

Gienah’s Coin is one of the 5 different sailing coins, not including Pirate Coins.

Many of the items that you can purchase from Traveling Merchant Ships cost Gienah’s Coins, which is why you need them.

Here are all the different ways to get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark:

  • Completing island quests
  • Completing Co-op quests
  • Purchasing from Trade Merchants in Stronghold
  • Doing Adventure Island in the Procyon’s Compass
  • Participating in events

You will get most of your Gienah’s Coins in the game from completing island quests and Co-op quests.

Island quests are sidequests that you can find on the various small islands that are all over the great seas of Lost Ark.

Some of the small islands have NPCs on them that have quests for you to complete, while others don’t.

The islands that do have NPCs with quests often give you High Seas Coin Chests as a reward, which you can use to obtain 100 coins of your choice, including Gienah’s Coins.

We got 3 High Seas Coin Chests from completing a quick quest from Borgion on the island Freedom Isle, and his next quests give High Seas Coin Chests as well. Freedom Isle is located in the waters below Anikka.

Lost Ark High Seas Coin Chest from Borgion
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Co-op quests are special quests that you take on with other players while on the open sea.

Anyone who goes to the location of a Co-op quest when it starts can participate in it. You do have to be level 50, however.

Some of the Co-op quests that you can complete are Treasure Salvage and Jellyfish Collection.

The rewards from participating in these Co-op quests include Gienah’s Coins. You can see when a new Co-op quest starts and where through the Calendar in the top-left corner of the screen.

Trade Merchants in your Stronghold can sell a variety of items and resources, including Gienah’s Coins.

They sell their goods in exchange for different seals, which you can obtain by completing dispatch missions in your Stronghold.

Far from all Trade Merchants can have Gienah’s Coins for sale, but some, including Illayne and Tago, can. They do not always sell Gienah’s Coin, though, as what resources and items they have for sale from their list of potential sales are randomly selected.

The Trade Merchant appears in your Stronghold to the right of the exchange NPCs, which are located to the left on the main island.

Lost Ark Trade Merchant Tago in Stronghold
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Some Adventure Island missions give High Seas Chests as a reward, which you can use to claim Gienah’s Coins.

Adventure Island missions are special questlines on specific islands that can only be accessed when the Adventure Island event for that island is running.

You can see what Adventure Island missions you can currently do by clicking Procyon’s Compass on the right side under the minimap and clicking Appearance Notif Info under Adventure Island.

The last way you can get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark is by participating in events like the Login Rewards event.

The reward from Login Rewards is sometimes Sailing Coin Selection Chests, which allow you to claim 500 of any sailing coin, including Gienah’s Coin.

You can occasionally also obtain Gienah’s Coins from other events, but we do not know what events are running when you read this guide.

The Grand Prix event that is currently running as we write this post allows you to obtain Gienah’s Coins, for example.

We, therefore, recommend that you check what event is running at the moment and see whether or not Gienah’s Coins are offered as a reward for doing it.

That’s how to get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark!

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