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Every advanced class in Lost Ark is unique, and identity skills are one of the aspects that give each one that special feel.

Identity skills are powerful skills or buffs that can significantly increase the power of your character.

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A class’ identity skills revolve around the energy gauge that you see at the bottom of your screen in the middle, between your skills and usable items slots.

Classes usually have some skills that are paired with the identity system of that class and can only be used when certain conditions are met.

In this guide, we give you all the information on what identity skills in Lost Ark are as well as a complete overview of all of them.

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What are identity skills?

Identity skills in Lost Ark are powerful skills, transformations, or buffs that are unique to each advanced class.

All classes have unique skills and playstyles, but the identity system gives each class that extra distinction from the others.

The identity skill system revolves around the energy gauge that you see between your skills and usable items slots at the bottom of the screen.

You can read what your energy gauge and, thereby, identity skills do by hovering your mouse over the energy gauge.

Identity skills, their buffs, or transformations are also referred to as Z-skill and X-skill, as the default key to activate it or them is the Z-key and X-key.

Some classes have skills directly linked to the identity skill gauge, some can transform by using it, and others get boosts on their existing skills from it.

You charge the identity skill energy gauge by using skills on enemies. Some of a class’ skills charge the energy gauge faster, like Shadowhunter’s intrude skills.

Identity skills and the energy gauge is often the most powerful aspect of a class’ kit. Other factors play a role as well, check out our Lost Ark best classes tier list for more information.

All identity skills in Lost Ark

Every class in Lost Ark has its own set of skills, boosts, or transformation from its identity skill system.

Here is a complete overview of every class’ identity skills, including a short description of each one.

Advanced ClassIdentity SkillDescription
BerserkerFury MeterAttacking fills the Fury Meter. Once full, press [Z] to trigger Burst Mode.
GunlancerShield MeterAttacking fills the Shield Meter. Press [Z] to protect yourself, or [X] to protect your party members.
PaladinPiety MeterAttacking fills the Piety Meter. Press [Z] to enhance your power and [X] to enhance party members' power.
BardSerenade MeterAttacking fills the Serenade Meter. [Z] increases the Atk. Power of party members, [X] heals them.
SorceressArcane MagickBy attacking foes, gather Arcane Magick that stacks to enhance elemental attribute skills and increase casting speeds.
WardancerEsoteric MeterAttacking fills the Esoteric Meter, enabling the use of powerful Esoteric skills.
ScrapperStamina and Shock EnergyConsume Stamina or Shock Energy to use skills. Using one energy type increases the other.
SoulfistHypeAccumulate energy and press [Z] to activate Hype up to level 3.
StrikerEsoteric MeterAttacking fills the Esoteric Meter, enabling the use of powerful Esoteric skills.
SharpshooterHawk MeterAttacking fills the Hawk Meter. Press [Z] to summon Silverhawk.
DeadeyeHandgun, Shotgun, and RiflePress [Z] and [X] to switch stances between Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle.
ArtilleristFirepower MeterDefeating enemies fills the Firepower Meter. Press [Z] to switch to Barrage Mode and devastate the forward area.
GunslingerHandgun, Shotgun, and RiflePress [Z] and [X] to switch stances between Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle.
DeathbladeDeath TranceAttacking creates Death Orbs. Press [Z] to activate Death Trance and use very powerful skills.
ShadowhunterShadowburst MeterAttacking fills your Shadowburst Meter. Once full, press [Z] to transform into a Demon.

The descriptions of each identity skill are from Lost Ark.

You can try out many of each advanced class’ skills, including their identity skill, by using the Class Tester right before you choose what advanced class you want.

To get to the Class Tester, just create a new character on a server you know you’ll never play on, and then click the Tome of Prophecy located right across the light bridge you walk over after creating a new character.

You can only try out the advanced classes within the overall class that you’ve chosen, so you’ll have to create several characters to try all advanced classes and their identity skills.

That’s everything you need to know about identity skills in Lost Ark!

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