Lost Ark – How to Get Ancient Relics: Where to Excavate

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When you start needing to craft various equipment and battle items, one of the ingredients you’ll need for some recipes is Ancient Relics.

Ancient Relic is one of the basic materials that you can gather in Lost Ark from the Trade Skill Excavating.

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You need to have learned Trade Skills in the game before you can start excavating for relics.

To obtain Ancient Relics in Lost Ark, you need to find Relic Traces and dig them up using the Excavating Trade Skill. To find Relic Traces, use the Sonar and Relic Search skills, and dig up the trace by pressing ‘G’ next to it or left-click it with your mouse.

Relic Traces cannot be found on every map in Lost Ark. The first map you’ll encounter where you can find Relic Traces is Bilbrin Forest.

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How to get Ancient Relics in Lost Ark

You get Ancient Relics in Lost Ark by using the Relic Search skill to reveal Relic Traces and then digging them up.

The Relic Search skill can be accessed from the Trade Skill skills panel, which you can bring up by pressing ‘B’.

By using the Relic Search skill, you reveal all Relic Traces that are within a small radius of your character.

Chances are that there won’t randomly be a Relic Trace within your character’s radius, so you have to use the Sonar skill to find the proximity of Relic Traces and then use the Relic Search skill when you’re near a Relic Trace.

When you use the Sonar skill, a detector appears above your head. As you move around, that detector starts blinking faster, beeping faster, and becoming larger as you get closer to a Relic Trace.

Likewise, it becomes smaller, beeps slower, and blinks slower when you get farther away from a Relic Trace.

At some point, the detector will turn a dark blue/purple color and blink and beep quickly, which means that a Relic Trace is within the radius of your character. When this happens, use Relic Search to reveal the Relic Trace around you.

Lost Ark Sonar Excavating Skill
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

After using the Relic Search skill within the proximity of a Relic Trace, the Relic Trace will appear on the ground.

To excavate the Relic Trace, walk up to it and press ‘G’ on your keyboard or left-click it with your mouse.

From excavating a Relic Trace, you get Ancient Relics and potentially also relics of higher rarities.

Before you can start searching for and excavating Ancient Relics, your character needs to unlock Trade Skills, which you do by following the main questline in Lakebar.

You also need to be wearing an Excavating Tool to perform the Excavating Trade Skill.

That’s how to get Ancient Relics in Lost Ark!

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