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Your equipment makes up most of your stat boosts and is thereby, in the end, one of the biggest factors in how much damage you deal in Lost Ark.

Like in most MMORPGs, gear doesn’t hold its durability forever without care. By fighting and when you are defeated, your items lose durability.

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To keep your equipment in top shape, you need to repair it every so often, which raises its durability back up to maximum.

You can repair your items and tools in Lost Ark by visiting a repairer in any town or near triports. Repairing gear and tools cost silver, and the higher the item level and the more durability an item has lost, the more it costs to repair.

If you’re unsure where a repairer is located in a town or near a triport, look for the anvil icon on the map, that’s the icon for a repairer NPC.

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How to repair gear and tools in Lost Ark

After fighting powerful enemies and bosses, you’ll find your equipment in need of some reparation, as its durability has fallen.

When the durability of gear falls, it eventually starts giving fewer stats, making you deal less damage and be less tanky.

Once you repair your items, you’ll enjoy their full stat boosts again.

The durability of your equipment will fall slowly just by playing, but it falls very quickly when your character is defeated.

Likewise, your tools for different trade skills will also need some preparation from time to time as your pickaxe loses durability from mining, for example.

To repair gear or tools in Lost Ark, head to a repairer NPC, interact with them, and click Repair Equipped or Repair All. You can switch between repairing gear and trade skill tools at the bottom when interacting with a repairer.

Lost Ark Repairer NPC
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

You can find repairer NPCs all over Lost Ark. They are primarily located in towns and near triports.

Repairer NPCs are marked with an anvil icon on the map, which makes them easy to find.

Repairing an item or a trade skill tool costs silver. The higher the item level and the more durability an item has lost, the more it costs to repair it.

Trade Skill tools sometimes can’t be repaired to their full durability, causing them to lose some of their maximum durability.

You can restore the maximum durability of Trade Skill tools by using the Restore tab, also located at the Repairer NPC.

You shouldn’t avoid repairing your items because of the price, as it’s essential to keep your power. The silver cost isn’t high either.

That’s how to repair your items and tools in Lost Ark!

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