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Like most MMORPGs, a lot of the end-game content in Lost Ark resets daily or weekly.

Content that resets daily or weekly can only be completed once or a specific number of times before it resets again.

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If you wish to maximize your progress in Lost Ark, you should make sure to complete all daily and weekly tasks before they reset every day or every week.

The daily reset time in Lost Ark is 1 AM server time, which means the reset time in your local time depends on what region you play on and the current daylight saving time.

Here are the exact times that daily reset occurs in each region:

  • North America West: UTC-7
  • North America East: UTC-4
  • Europe Central: UTC+1
  • Europe West: UTC+1
  • South America: UTC-3

The weekly reset in Lost Ark is Thursday at 1 AM.

These server reset times are the official reset times announced by Lost Ark.

You can Google ‘current time UTC+/-X’ corresponding to your region and check any of the top results to see exactly when daily reset is in your region in your local time.

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When does daily and weekly reset occur in Lost Ark?

The daily reset in Lost Ark occurs at 1 AM server time. Each region in the game has its own server time, which means that reset time for you depends on what region you play in and the timezone that you’re in.

Current daylight saving time also affects the daily reset time in Lost Ark, making it be offset by an hour during certain periods of the year for some players.

The weekly reset in Lost Ark occurs on Thursdays at 1 AM server time.

The fact that different regions have their own server time and that they reset at 1 AM server time means that Europe Central and North America East, for example, do not reset at the same time. They reset at the same time during the day in their time zone.

In the following list, you can see the exact time when each region in Lost Ark resets in UTC:

North America West: UTC-7Live timer
North America East: UTC-4Live timer
Europe Central: UTC+1Live timer
Europe West: UTC+1Live timer
South America: UTC-3Live timer

To find out when the server reset is for you in your local time, check out what region you play on, and click the Live timer link next to your region above. The displayed timer is the time that your region follows. Compare this to your local time to find out when the daily server reset is in your local time.

If your local time is 1 hour ahead of the live timer for your region, then the daily server reset for you will be one hour earlier – 12 AM. If your local time is 2 hours behind, then the daily server reset for you will be two hours later – 3 AM.

Alternatively, you can Google ‘current time UTC+/-X’, corresponding to your region in the list above, find any live timer or time difference provider, and compare it to your local time.

The daily reset times for each region, as well as the weekly reset day for Lost Ark, are official times announced by Lost Ark, source.

Content that resets daily in Lost Ark includes raids, Chaos Dungeons, Daily Una’s Tasks, Rapport requests, Guild Donations, and PvP rewards.

Content that resets weekly in Lost Ark includes Abyssal and Legion Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, Guardian Challenge Mode, and Weekly Una’s Tasks.

Those are the daily and weekly reset times in Lost Ark!

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