Maplestory Crosses $4 Billion in Lifetime Revenue in 2022

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Nexon reveals in its 2022 financial investor presentation that Maplestory crossed $4 billion in lifetime revenue in 2022.

While the company does not provide exact revenue figures for each of its games, it does give an update on the milestones of some of its core games, including Maplestory, which for the 2022 update, has a lifetime revenue of more than 4 billion US dollars, up from over 3 billion dollars in lifetime revenue as of 2021.

The report also shows that Korea Maplestory generated its second-highest revenue in history, up slightly from 2021 but still down from 2020’s record-breaking performance fueled by lockdowns.

Korea Maplestory Revenue from 2003 to 2022 graph
Source: Nexon

South Korea remains the largest market for Nexon, making up around 60% of the company’s total revenue for the fiscal year 2022. Nexon’s total revenue in 2022 amounted to ¥353.7 billion (~$2.69 billion), with South Korea making up ¥212.9 billion (~$1.62 billion) of that.

The only two segments that generated a profit for the company in 2022 were South Korea and China, with a net profit of ¥18.47 billion (~$140.5 million) and ¥398 million (~$3 million), respectively.

North America was the market that posted the largest loss for Nexon in 2022, with a loss of ¥2.53 billion (~$19.22 million).

Being released 20 years ago, Maplestory is still one of the largest revenue drivers for Nexon, though not as large as Dungeon&Fighter with a lifetime revenue of more than $20 billion.

As outlined in its investor presentation, Nexon plans to use funds from its core games, including Maplestory, to fund development and marketing of new titles with larger growth opportunities.

Nexon business growth strategy graphic
Source: Nexon

Nexon has several titles in its pipeline for 2023, including THE FINALS, ARC Raiders, Warhaven, and VEILED EXPERTS. The company also plans to launch several of its region-exclusive mobile games worldwide this year.

According to the report, Nexon plans to focus on these areas of business going forward:


As a bid to keep up with the increased focus on metaverse-based gaming and experiences, Nexon released Maplestory Worlds in 2022, a platform that allows users to create custom Maplestory games and experiences. It will be released worldwide in 2023.

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