5 Gorgeous Minecraft Archway Design Ideas

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When it comes to building in Minecraft, the limit is your imagination. You can literally make anything you want, from gardens, doorways, path entrances, and even lamp posts.

In this article, let’s take a look at some alternatives for a gate entrance in Minecraft, an archway.

Let’s see the five best Minecraft archway design ideas!

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An archway is a structure that consists of at least two main pillars and an arch right above them. In some Minecraft archway designs, we decorate the surrounding area and the pathway to bring the design to the next level.

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5 Gorgeous Minecraft Archway Design Ideas

Most of the Minecraft archway design ideas below are tiny. But you can continually expand the archway’s height and width accordingly to fit them in your base.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Torii Archway

Materials: White Terracotta, Spruce Trapdoors, Mossy Stone Brick Walls, Spruce Fences, Acacia Fence Gates, Dark Prismarine Slabs, Lanterns, Stone Brick Walls, Leaves, Dirt Paths, and Flowers.

We start off the list with a clean and gorgeous Japanese archway. The idea is based on the Torii gate, which is mainly used in temple entrances.

With the distinct colors from the acacia wood and dark prismarine slabs, this archway will stand out the most if you want to show it off to your friends.

On the other hand, the resources are relatively easy to get, except for the dark prismarine, because you have to forage the ocean monument and find ink from squid for the black dye.

2. Nether Archway

Materials: Warped Planks, Warped Stairs, Warped Trapdoors, Dark Prismarine, Soul Lanterns, Mossy Cobblestone Walls and Slabs, Cobblestone Slabs, Twisting Vines, Warped Nyliums, Basalts, Polished Blackstone Buttons, and Wither Roses.

To everyone who loves Nether bases, we have a simple yet detailed Minecraft archway design idea for you.

The design contains two pillars, an A-shape arch, and a custom path that should blend well with any Nether biomes.

If you don’t like the teal color of the warped wood, you can completely modify the design by changing warped planks to crimson planks and dark prismarine to red nether bricks.

3. Wooden Archway

Materials: Oak Logs, Barrels, Spruce Fence Gates, Spruce Trapdoors, Brick Walls, an Oak Trapdoor, Coarse Dirts, Dirt Paths, Stone Buttons, and some Tulip Flowers.

The third archway design on the list is entirely made from oak and spruce wood (except the brick walls), so it’s straightforward to build this in your survival world.

You can use this archway as an entrance to your village farm or an abandoned gateway in the deserted wasteland. Whatever works best for you!

4. Overgrown Archway

Materials: Mossy Cobblestone Slabs and Stairs, Cobblestone Walls, Stone Buttons, Spruce Trapdoors, Red Mushroom Blocks, End Rods, Coarse Dirsts, Rooted Dirts, Crimson Roots, Warped Roots, Crimson Fungus, Lanterns, and Flowers.

The Minecraft community always loves overgrown theme structures, and that’s why we have to cover this design.

This overgrown archway doesn’t contain any pillars. Instead, the whole structure is an arch that bends on the ground like a bridge. Besides the unique shape, the design also has many impressive details you’d love.

Overall, if you love nature, you’ll love this idea!

5. Diagonal Stone Bricks Archway

Materials: Light Gray Concretes, Stone Brick Walls, Polished Andesites, Stone Brick Stairs, Lanterns, Birch Leaves, Rose Bushes, Spruce Fences, Podzols, Coarse Dirts, Dirt Paths, Stone Buttons, and other Flowers.

At first glance, you may think this archway design is not special at all. But the fact that it’s built in a diagonal direction and still remains a good-looking appearance is fantastic.

This archway design idea has two tall pillars made from concrete and stone bricks, followed by a perfect crown-shaped stony arch, making it look good from every angle.

Those are the top 5 Minecraft archway design ideas!

What’s your favorite design? Let us know in the comment below!

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