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Minecraft 1.20 is the term every Minecrafter has heard a lot of recently. We have new mobs, new items, blocks, and more!

Besides the winning of the Sniffer, bamboo wood (or planks) is a feature worth talking about! We have a new wood type to build and craft things with. Come with that is a new type of boat, a bamboo raft.

Today, we’ll show you how to craft a bamboo raft, as well as how you can use it and other relative things in this bamboo raft guide!

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A bamboo raft is a new boat type made from bamboo planks, which is also a new type of wood in the Minecraft 1.20 update. In general, a bamboo raft function like other boats in Minecraft but with a unique appearance to make the game more enjoyable!

To make a bamboo raft in Minecraft, you will need to find bamboo and craft some bamboo planks first. Let’s go through each step!

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How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft

Bamboo is a tall green plant that only grows in the Jungle and the Bamboo Jungle biome. They grow fast, are easy to farm and harvest, and can be used as food for pandas.

Previously, besides crafting, fueling, and decoration purposes, bamboo doesn’t have any other primary usages. But in the newest snapshot, Mojang introduced a new type of wood made from bamboo. Exciting!

To find the correct biome for bamboo, you have to travel a thousand blocks or even more if you’re unlucky. Since jungle biomes are considered rare in Minecraft.

When you’ve found the right place, you should see some tall and thin plants in the sky. Come closer and break it with any tool you have (or even a bare hand will do the work).

Each block of bamboo will drop 1 bamboo item. So try to collect as much bamboo as you can before moving to the next step. For the Minecraft raft, you will need exactly 20 bamboos.

How to Make Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

When you have the bamboo, press E to open your inventory. Then place the bamboo in a 2×2 shape to craft 1 bamboo plank.

Note: This recipe will only work if you play in the Minecraft 1.20 version (both Java and Bedrock Edition) or the latest 22w42a snapshot.

How to Built Raft in Minecraft

After crafting 5 bamboo planks, it’s time to build a raft in Minecraft!

You will need another 4 planks to craft a Crafting Table for a larger crafting area. We’d recommend using normal wood types for this recipe to optimize your resources.

When you’re done crafting, place the crafting table on the ground and right-click on it. Then put 5 bamboo planks in the U shape, just like what you did when crafting normal boats, to craft a bamboo raft.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Now let’s place the raft on any water surface to see the gorgeous texture of the bamboo!

What Can You Do with Raft in Minecraft

Even though the raft looks different, you can do literally anything to it as you would do to a normal boat. Let’s see it in detail!

  1. Transport players and mobs

You can enter the raft by looking at it and right-clicking your mouse. While you’re on it, you can use the movement keys to move the raft around to travel faster on the sea.

Not only can you use the raft to transport the players, but you can also use it to transport other animals and mobs to a new location. Just shove them into the boat, and they will automatically sit in the back seat.

Eventually, you can exit the raft by pressing the shift key (sneaking key) like usual. To free the mobs in the back seat, you have to destroy the raft. But no worries, it will drop as an item, and you can always pick it up to use later!

  1. Sell to villagers for emeralds

The fisherman with a master level can buy your raft for 1 emerald. Not that much, but since bamboo grows pretty fast, you can get some emeralds easy by this way.

Depending on the biome the villagers are currently in, they may have different trade for boats. For now, you can only sell jungle boats to the villagers in the desert or jungle biome. But hopefully, Mojang will add a raft to this trade soon!

  1. Burn as fuel

Since a raft is made from bamboo planks, it can also be used as fuel in a furnace, smoker, or blast furnace like other boats.

Each raft can burn up to 60 seconds to cook 6 items. Compared to 1.5 items per plank, using planks to smelt things is more efficient. But who knows if you don’t need a raft anymore?

  1. Craft boat with chest

You can put a raft and a chest in the crafting grid to craft a Bamboo Raft with Chest. This provides additional 27 inventory slots to the chest to make it easier for migration.

You can open the chest in a raft by pressing shift and right-clicking any part of the raft, right-clicking on a chest, or pressing E while you’re riding a raft.

Frequently asked questions

What can I make with bamboo in Minecraft?

Bamboo can be used to make scaffolding, sticks, and bamboo planks.

Is a Minecraft bamboo raft faster than normal boats?

Unfortunately, the bamboo raft’s speed is the same as other boats in Minecraft. The only difference here is the visualization of the raft, which is much more aesthetics and wild.

Can you put two mobs in a raft in Minecraft?

Yes, you can put any two mobs in a raft easily! But in order to do that, you have to get out of the raft first. Also, this only works if you have a normal raft, not a raft with a chest.

So that’s everything you need to know about Minecraft bamboo rafts!

What do you love the most about the raft? Is it look cool to you? And will you replace normal boats with a raft? Let us know, and happy sailing the raft!

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