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Camels are new ridable passive mobs in Minecraft, and they’re going to be in the official game soon. If you’re bored of riding a horse in Minecraft, try a camel instead!

In this article, we’ll show you how to tame and ride camels in Minecraft.

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Different from other passive mobs, you don’t need to tame a camel to ride it. Instead, you can ride camels directly by right-clicking them. You can put a saddle on camels to fully control them, just like horses.

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How to Tame and Ride Camels in Minecraft

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ride camels in Minecraft.

1. Find Camels in Minecraft

You can find camels spawn naturally in desert villages. Each structure can spawn 1 camel right in the center of the village, so if you’ve found one, run straight to the middle to find the camel.

Camels can roam around aimlessly like other passive animals, so make sure to check around the area. They’re quite big, so it’s hard to miss them!

When you see a camel, come closer and simply right-click when facing it. Congratulations! You’re riding a camel in Minecraft.

But still, you can’t control the camel just yet! Like horses, you will need to find a saddle and put it on top of your camel.

2. Find a Saddle in Minecraft

You can’t craft a saddle in Minecraft, but there are many ways to get one, like looting chests in specific structures, fishing, trading, and killing mobs.

Saddle spawn in almost structures. In the overworld, you can find a saddle in dungeons, desert temples, jungle temples, strongholds, villages, and ancient cities.

On the other hand, bastion remnants and nether fortresses in the Nether dimension or the end cities in the End dimension are also good places to find a saddle.

Fishing has an 0.8% chance of giving you a saddle and up to a 1.9% chance if you have Luck of The Sea 3 enchantment.

Moreover, you can trade 6 emeralds with the leatherworker villager for a saddle. This trade is always available in Java Edition, but only appears with a 50% chance on Bedrock Edition.

Finally, ridden striders in the Nether and ravagers always drop a saddle on death. So you know what to do when you see them, right?

3. How to Tame Camels in Minecraft

Sadly, you can’t tame camels in Minecraft just yet, and it won’t affect anything, so this is not a big problem!

You can feed camels with a cactus to make them enter love mode, which will force them to breed to create baby camels.

4. How to Ride Camels in Minecraft

There are 3 ways you can put a saddle on your camel:

  • With a saddle in your hand, right-click your camel while on the ground.
  • Right-click your camel with an empty hand to ride it first, then press E to open the camel’s inventory and put a saddle in its slot.
  • Put a saddle in your hand again, but this time, press shift and right-click on your camel.

When you’re done putting on a saddle, try riding the camel again, and you can fully control your new pet now! You can walk slowly, sprint, and even dash with your camel!

If you don’t have any saddle yet, you can use a cactus to lure a camel to your base to ride it later. You can also use other methods like using a lead or a boat to transport a camel too.

The special thing about riding a camel in Minecraft is up to 2 players can ride a camel at the same time! The front player will control the camel, while the player at the back can do other things such as fighting, crafting, fishing, and more!

Frequently asked questions

Are camels faster than horses in Minecraft?

Camels are slower than horses in Minecraft! But they aren’t that slow since camels can sometimes run faster than horses with a low-speed attribute. Moreover, camels also have a unique dash ability that will allow you to move forwards in a blink of an eye.

Can you ride a sitting camel in Minecraft?

Yes, you can ride a sitting camel in Minecraft. By the time you’re on its back, the camel will stand up and roam aimlessly again. However, you can’t ride a baby camel in Minecraft!

Can you take damage when riding a camel in Minecraft?

Because camels are higher than other rideable mobs in Minecraft, mobs can’t reach and attack you while you’re riding one. So if you’re in a dangerous situation, riding a camel can save your life!

That’s how to tame and ride camels in Minecraft!

You can always find camels later since they always spawn in one place. Head for adventures and look for a saddle first, then the magical journey on the camel is waiting for you!

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