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Camels are new passive mobs that were introduced in the Minecraft snapshot 22w42a. They have one hump, thick yellow fur, and can jump higher than horses.

And when it comes to passive mobs in Minecraft, they’re mostly feedable, tamable, and breedable. In this article, let’s see what to feed camels in Minecraft!

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Camels in Minecraft only eat cacti, so you can only feed camels cactus items. Cactus can be found easily in desert biomes and is renewable, which means you only need to find one block and make a farm to produce lots of cacti. Therefore, feeding camels is an easy task!

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What to Feed Camels in Minecraft?

To feed camels in Minecraft, you will need a cactus first. Here’s how to find one!

Cactus only spawn in the desert or badlands biome, so make sure you’re in the right place! If you’re unfamiliar with biomes in Minecraft, you can press F3 to open the debug screen and look for the biome in the top left corner.

Cactus can spawn as 1 block tall and up to 3 blocks tall with an 11% chance. If you don’t have time to gather lots of cacti, just only get a cactus and some sand blocks, so you can farm them at home later.

When you have a cactus, put it in your hand to lure any camels within 6 blocks around you. If you run far away from them or switch to another item, the camels will lose interest and start wandering around aimlessly again.

Once you’re close enough to the camel, right-click with a cactus in your hand to feed it. If you see some red heart particles floating on its head, that means you’ve successfully fed a camel in Minecraft!

That’s what to feed camels in Minecraft!

Go find some camels and complete your passive mob collection!

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