12 Awesome Minecraft Bed Design Ideas

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The bedroom is always important in Minecraft! Yes, you can sleep with only a bed and no monsters nearby. But what could be better than sleeping in a cozy and beautiful room?

Basically, you can’t do anything with your bed. But you can decorate the area around it and blend the bed in to create an aesthetic place. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some cool Minecraft bed design ideas!

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This article will list all easy-to-build Minecraft bed design ideas and followed by the material list, so you don’t get lost. For better bed design, it’s recommended that you already have a secure base with large spacing to work with.

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12 Awesome Minecraft Bed Design Ideas

We sort the list based on how complex the bed design is and how hard it is to get the required materials. But remember that this is heavily dependent on which biome you are currently living in. So let’s get started!

1. Simple Bunk Bed Design

Materials: Stripped Spruce Logs, Spruce Trapdoors, Ladders, Bed, Barrel, Flower Pot, Flowers, Chest, Lantern, Armor Stand with armors on, and Bookshelves.

The first design on the list is quite compact and cozy! With the bed on the second floor and all of your belongings being stored right below, you can quickly equip yourself if something happens. With some bookshelves underneath your bed, you can easily put your hand out to grab a few books and read at your bedtime.

2. Hidden Bed Design

Materials: Barrels, Spruce Doors, Beds, Spruce Planks, Painting, Bookshelves, Lantern, Flower Pot, and any Flowers.

So you don’t want people to find out your best while still wanting it to be easily accessible? This Minecraft bed design idea can be built on any wall or under your main staircase. It’s warm, comfortable, and can contain up to 2 beds for you and your friend.

If you’re alone, consider breaking one bed to place a chest and an armor stand there to quickly suit up.

3. Aqua Bed Design

Materials: Prismarine Bricks, Warped Sign, Warped Trapdoors, Cyan Beds, Banners, Quartz Stairs, Flower Pot, and any Flowers.

The Aqua theme is never old! Especially if you’ve decided to build an underwater house made from prismarine blocks. And with a little help from the warped blocks, you can easily recreate the aquatic vibe right in your bedroom.

For extra comfy, you can build pillows on top of your beds using banners. You need to place them one block lower and cover them up with quartz stairs.

4. Bed Design with Pet Hideout

Materials: Spruce Planks, Stairs, Ladders, Orange Carpets, Orange Bed, Flower Pot, Dead Bush, Leaves, Flowers, Barrels, Item Frames, Spruce Signs, and Bricks.

This is an upgraded version of a bunk bed design! While still on top with 3 drawers next to the bed, you can simply store or take any items in and out. And see the gap below? That’s where to keep your wolves and cats!

To build the drawers, you have to put the barrels in first. Then put item frames and brick blocks on them. Finally, cover the barrel up with spruce signs, and you’re good to go.

5. Enchanted Fairy Bed Design

Materials: Spruce Stairs, Slabs, Signs, Campfires, Magenta Bed, Amethyst, Beehive, Azalea Leaves, Item Frames, Purpur Stairs, Candle, Flower Pot, and a Flower.

Who doesn’t love enchanted fairy bed design? The main purple color coming from the bed, amethyst, and the purpur all together make the build look more fantasy than ever!

Don’t forget the allium and a candle nearby because they help create a witchcraft vibe.

For the top drawers, you can use the same mechanic above and replace the brick with the purpur stairs. Then rotate them to create the handle shape.

6. Wooden Mansion Bed Design

Materials: Dark Oak Logs, Fences, Stairs, Trapdoors, Lanterns, Chests, Beds, Campfires, Polished Deepslate Walls, Flower Pot, and any Flowers.

This is the bed design that you can literally see in any movie!

With a roof cover made from unlit campfires and the dark color of dark oak materials, you can feel the mystery of this bed.

You can always put some glass blocks in front of the beds to create a lovely window. This is quite useful to keep track of hostile mobs roaming around your house.

7. Abstract Bed Design

Materials: Beds, Scaffolding Block, Flower Pot, a Flower, Dark Oak Trapdoors, and some Paintings.

We’d like to call this a couch design!

With two beds next to each other and a bunch of dark oak trapdoors, you can have a comfortable sleepable chair. Along with it, there are a lot of paintings on the wall in a random pattern, so you won’t get bored while looking at the room.

8. Mushroom Bed Design

Materials: Beds, Quart Stairs, Slabs, End Rod, Red Mushroom Block, Oak Signs, Cyan Carpets, White Wool, Item Frames, Iron Trapdoors, Flower Pots, Dead Bush, Azalea Leaves, and any Flowers.

Another fantasy medieval design on the list! This mushroom bed design feature beds with relaxed pillows and a mushroom light right next to them.

On another side is the cabinet made from wool and iron trapdoors as its handle. This is the room we want to sit in for the next 24 hours and watch movies show all day long!

9. Jungle Bed Design with Honeycomb

Materials: Yellow Beds, Jungle Slabs, Stairs, Planks, Trapdoors, Composter, Jungle Leaves, Grass, Bamboo, Honey Block, and Honeycomb Block.

The jungle is moist with its weather and wet dirt. That’s why building a bedroom using honey, and the yellow color is optimal! Besides the warm feeling, the yellow blend really well with the jungle wood.

To finish it off, you can grow some bamboo near your bed and top it up with an arch – bringing a vibrant yet still fit tropical weather of the jungle in Minecraft!

10. Jungle Hammock Bed Design

Materials: Jungle Slabs, Fences, Fence Gates, Lanterns, Flower Pot, Bamboo, and Cocoa Beans.

This is one of the most creative Minecraft bed design ideas in the world! And it does look really good! Especially if you build this in the middle of the jungle or even a swamp biome.

Even though you can’t swing, sleeping in the middle of the forest is a cool concept. You can see the clear sky, the flying birds, and all things around you! Just make sure you’ve placed enough lighting around the area to prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

11. Luxurious Amethyst Bed Design

Materials: Smooth Quartz Block, Quartz Stairs, Crying Obsidian, Purple Carpets, Purple Beds, Purpur Slabs and Stairs, Block of Amethysts, Spruce Buttons, Purple Candles, Soul Lanterns, End Rod, Levers, and an Armor Stand.

Purple and white blend well together! And that’s why we use smooth quartz and amethyst blocks mainly for this build.

To create more texture and highlight for the room, using some crying obsidian is a good option.

You can also put soul lanterns and some purple candles for extra effect. Without daylight, this bed design idea will look gloomy, suitable for most haunted houses!

12. Dark Mansion Bed Design

Materials: Smooth Quartz Block, Polished Andesite, Deepslate Tiles, Crimson Planks, Stairs, Slabs, Trapdoors, Buttons, Magenta Beds, Painting, Soul Lanterns, Chains, Lightning Rod, Cauldron, Tripwire Hook, Cyan Candles, Brewing Stand, Iron Bars, and Soul Torches.

People always love mystery things! And when it comes to decorating the bed, why not apply the witchcraft theme to it?

From the crimson wood to the creepy painting, combined with a brewing stand, cauldron, and candles, create a perfect bedroom!

Those are all the Minecraft bed design ideas for today!

Now, it’s your turn to gather the materials and build your own dream bedroom. Sleep well, and let’s beat Minecraft!

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