Minecraft – Does Fortune Enchantment Work on Iron & Gold Ore?

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Fortune is a great enchantment in Minecraft with the ability to increase the drop chance and amount of several items. With that being said, many Minecrafters use pickaxe with Fortune enchantment to mine diamond ores!

But does fortune enchantment work on iron and gold ore? Let’s find out!

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Fortune enchantment does work on iron and gold ore. In fact, fortune works on almost all minerals and ores in Minecraft. The list includes coal, diamond, emerald, iron, copper, gold, nether gold, nether quartz, lapis lazuli, Redstone ores, and amethyst clusters.

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Does Fortune Enchantment Work on Iron and Gold Ore?

When it comes to mining ores with Fortune, it only increases the chance for the ores to drop additional ores upon being mined, as you already will obtain at least 1 mineral.

Without other enchantments, mining an iron and gold ore will give you 1 raw iron or raw gold, respectively. With Fortune enchantment, you can obtain up to 4 raw iron/gold per ore break.

Fortune has a total of 3 levels.

  • Fortune I has a 33% chance to x2 the ores drop.
  • Fortune II has a 25% chance to x2 and another 25% chance to x3 the drops.
  • Fortune III has a 20% chance each to x2-x4 the drops.

On average, you can get 1.33 to 2.2 raw irons and raw gold for each ore you mine. So it’s best to use fortune to mine iron and gold ore in Minecraft.

Frequently asked questions

Does Fortune work on all ores now?

Fortune enchantment only works on ores that have a separate bootable from the actual ore block. For example, fortune doesn’t work on ancient debris because when you mine, it drops itself. On the other hand, iron and gold ores drop raw irons and raw gold, which are different from the ore blocks.

Does fortune 2 work on iron ore?

Every fortune level works on iron ore, so no worries. But it’s recommended to use fortune 3 for the best outcome!

Does Fortune 3 work on ores?

Fortune 3 does work on ores! In fact, every fortune level also works on ores.

Now you know that fortune does work on iron and gold ore in Minecraft!

If you don’t have fortune enchantment yet, try to save the valuable ores or mine them with silk touch to store for later. Then when you have the fortune, let’s multiply the ores!

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