5 Beautiful Minecraft Garden Design Ideas

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Gardens bring greenery and fresh air to your Minecraft base. And after a long day mining, what’s greater than enjoying the scenery of the plants and flowers at home?

That’s why today, we’ll introduce to you the top 5 best Minecraft garden design ideas. Let’s get inspired!

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To build a garden in Minecraft, you will need a slightly large area and some shears. The shears can be crafted with iron ingots. Then collect as many flowers, leaves, grasses, other plants, and building blocks as you can to start designing.

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Minecraft Garden Design Ideas

For the best effect, it’s recommended to build a garden in the Plains, Forest, and Jungle biomes because the foliage blocks in these biomes are super green and look the best! But still, if you’re living in the desert or savanna, a garden is still a valid building idea.

1. Staircase Garden

Materials: Stones, Andesites, Andesite Stairs, Spruce Trapdoors, Grass Blocks, Grasses, Oak Leaves, Ferns, Bamboo, and all kinds of flowers.

Staircases farm is quite popular in Minecraft. And we adapt that idea to build a lovely staircase garden!

With 3 main plots stacking on each other, this garden design is compact and unique for most Minecraft players, especially if you don’t have a big area in your base.

You can eventually switch Stone and Andesite to your preferred blocks to make them blend in better with your base. Moreover, building more plots to the side and on top of the currents is also a great idea!

2. Walkway with Flower

Materials: Stones, Stone Stairs, Cobblestones, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Stairs, Oak Fences, Oak Fence Gates, Lanterns, Beehives, Oak Trapdoors, Poppies, Dandelions, Cornflowers, and Alliums.

There is no need to make a complicated garden design when you can just lay the flowers all out and wrap them with a steady fence.

All of the materials are very easy to get. You just need to chop down some trees, mine some stones underground, and collect the flowers in the forest.

With a lot of flowers like this, you can also build some beehives here to raise the bees and collect honey. Which can be used for lots of useful recipes later on.

3. Cute Frog Fountain

Materials: Green Wool, Moss Blocks, Mossy Cobblestone Slabs, Green Concrete Powder, Green Concrete, Pink Concrete Powder, White Concrete, Black Concrete, Fences, and lots of Flowers.

If you have a wide and tall area in your base, this lovely frog fountain is a great part of your garden design!

To start building this design, you need to mark out a 2 by 3 area for the water pool. Then build your way up to complete the cute frog.

Once the frog is done, you can use bone meal on the ground to grow some grasses and basic flowers. Then add the wooden fences and some 2-block tall flowers to improve the scenery of the garden.

4. Symmetrical Crops Garden

Materials: Gravels, Birch Fences, Birch Fence Gates, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Planks, Spruce Trapdoors, Water Buckets, Dirt Blocks, a Hoe, and all types of seeds in Minecraft.

So not only do you want to have a beautiful garden but also a fully functional garden with crops on it? Let’s try this Minecraft garden design!

You can grow all kinds of crops in Minecraft, such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, and beetroot. Furthermore, you can expand the garden and build another platform on top of it.

This build is completely symmetrical on both sides, so it’s extremely easy to follow!

5. Castle Garden

Materials: Azalea, Moss blocks, Bamboo, Strings, Azalea Leaves, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Birch Logs, Birch Leaves, Cobblestones, Andesites, Stones, Gravels, Oak Trapdoors, Campfires, Stone Buttons, and some Flowers.

Instead of normal wooden fences like other garden designs, we use Azalea saplings, moss blocks, and bamboo to create a natural texture for the fence.

To prevent the bamboo from growing, you must put strings on top of them. On another hand, having a tall bamboo wall can also be an advantage when it comes to defending your garden.

In the middle is a custom birch tree where you could hide your treasure under its trunk. If you don’t know how to build one, you can put a birch sapling there and use bone meal on it.

Now you just need to decorate the pond and the pathway.

Those are the 5 garden design ideas for Minecraft!

The next time you come across the Flower Forest biome, make sure to harvest a bunch of flowers to decorate your garden!

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