What Is Dried Kelp Used for in Minecraft?

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While traveling across the sea and notice a greenery tallgrass growing under the ocean floor. You pick it up and bring it home with you.

Out of curiosity, you smelt that tallgrass in the furnace and receive a burnt leaf that’s Dried Kelp! In this article, we’ll show you what that Dried Kelp is used for in Minecraft!

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Dried Kelp is used for crafting and composting and serves as a snack food item in Minecraft. With the characteristic of being fast-growing and easy to farm, Dried Kelp is super useful in both early and late games.

Let’s see how to use Dried Kelp!

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What Is Dried Kelp Used For?

Dried Kelp has 3 main usages and one hidden use.

  1. Serve as Food

Dried Kelp can be obtained by smelting kelp in the furnaces.

Each kelp item will give you 1 Dried Kelp, so it’s quite easy to get a large amount of Dried Kelp this way.

When eaten, Dried Kelp restores 1 hunger and 0.2-0.6 saturation points on Java and Bedrock Edition, respectively.

To fully recover your hunger bar, you need to eat 20 Dried Kelps.

Even though the time required to eat Dried Kelp is already reduced by half (0.4325 seconds), it’s still quite time-consuming to eat Dried Kelp compared to other food in Minecraft.

  1. Crafting

Dried Kelp can be used to craft a Dried Kelp block, which is a great block for both building and smelting purposes.

To craft a Dried Kelp block, you will need a crafting table. Then right-click on it and put 9 Dried Kelp inside to craft 1 Dried Kelp block.

With this new block, you can use it as fuel in the furnaces, craft it back to 9 Dried Kelps, composting, and trading with villagers for an emerald.

  1. Composting

You can put Dried Kelp in the composter to create a bone meal.

Each Dried Kelp has a 30% chance of creating 1 layer in the composter. This means you will need around 23 Dried Kelps to completely fill up 7 layers of the composter.

This may not be a good way to use Dried Kelp in Minecraft since there are many better items to use for composting.

  1. Complete an Achivement

A balanced diet is one of the great achievements in Minecraft that require you to eat every single edible item in the game, which include Dried Kelp.

So, make sure to check the list and see if you still miss anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cook with Dried Kelp Minecraft?

No, you can’t cook with Dried Kelp. But you can craft them into Dried Kelp blocks and use the block as fuel in the furnaces. Dried kelp block burn for 200 seconds, which can cook 80 items in one go. This is 10 times better than coal.

How do you use Dried Kelp?

To eat Dried Kelp, you need to place it in any hot bar or offhand and hold the right-click mouse button to eat it. For crafting, you move the Dried Kelp into a crafting table just like crafting other items. Or, if you want to put it in a composter, hold Dried Kelp, look at the composter, and right-click again.

What happens when you eat Dried Kelp in Minecraft?

Nothing bad will happen when you eat Dried Kelp in Minecraft. Instead, it will replenish your hunger and saturation bar.

That’s what Dried Kelp is used for in Minecraft!

Next time you’re under oceans, make sure to gather some fresh green kelp on the ocean floor for extra food and fuel.

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