What Is Bamboo Used for in Minecraft? (All Usages)

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Bamboo is a new plant that was added in the Minecraft 1.14 Villagers & Pillagers update.

With the thin model and nicely green texture, do you actually know what bamboo is used for in Minecraft?

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Despite the fact that not many people gather bamboo, it still has a lot of useful usages such as farming, feeding animals, use as fuel, decoration, and the main part of 2 new crafting recipes. Let’s see all of them!

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What Is Bamboo Used for in Minecraft

You can find bamboo in any jungle biome, especially the bamboo jungle biome.

Minecraft bamboo forest in jungle biome

They are thin and tall plants just like sugarcane, but they grow way higher (up to 16 blocks) and usually spawn in groups. You can notice bamboo easily just by a quick glance, as long as you’re in the jungle biome.

#1 Crafting

Bamboo takes part in 2 crafting recipes: stick and scaffolding.

For a stick recipe, you can easily get it in many other ways, so using 2 bamboos to craft a stick is not efficient.

Minecraft bamboo crafting recipes

The unique recipe bamboo provide is the scaffolding, where you need to use 6 bamboo and 1 string to craft 6 scaffolding blocks. This block is incredibly useful in many cases, especially if you’re a builder and want to build on hard terrain.

#2 Feeding Pandas

Minecraft feeding pandas with bamboo

Pandas are new passive mobs that only spawn in the jungle biome.

They eat only two things: cake and bamboo. With that being said, bamboo is super useful when it comes to feeding or breeding pandas in Minecraft. Since a cake is too expensive and hard to craft!

#3 Use as Fuel

Minecraft using bamboo as fuel

Bamboo can be placed into the fuel slot in the furnace, smoker, and blast furnace. However, the burning duration of bamboo is terrible!

It can only smelt 0.25 items per bamboo. So in order to cook meat fully, you have to use 4 bamboos. For comparison purposes, 1 coal can smelt 8 items. While a stick can smelt half an item.

#4 Decoration

Minecraft bamboo decoration

When it comes to decoration or building, you can use bamboo to build a fence around your house for extra protection.

Or you can simply put bamboo in a flower pot to create a lovely plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat bamboo Minecraft?

You can’t eat bamboo in Minecraft for now.

What breaks bamboo the fastest in Minecraft?

A sword breaks bamboo the fastest in Minecraft! You can also use an axe, but their durability will be decreased twice as fast.

Can you make paper with bamboo Minecraft?

No, you can’t make paper with bamboo in Minecraft. You can only make sticks and scaffolding using bamboo.

That’s all about what you can do with bamboo in Minecraft!

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