What Is Clay Used for in Minecraft? (All Usages)

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Clay is an uncommon gray block in Minecraft that can be found anywhere near the water or mostly in the lush caves biome.

In real life, clay can do so many useful things. But what is clay used for in Minecraft?

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Clay is used for building, decoration, crafting, and instrument for note blocks. The actual clay block itself may not provide any value to you, but you can turn them into terracotta or bricks to further satisfy your needs.

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What Is Clay Used For in Minecraft

The most efficient way to find clay in Minecraft is by swimming and looking for a gray batch underwater. It can be a river, lake, swamp, and even ocean.

Minecraft Clay blocks in lush cave

Also, if you’re underground, try to find a lush cave. They may contain a lot of clay blocks!

#1 Smelting for Terracotta

Minecraft smelting Clay for Terracotta

You can put clay blocks in the furnace and smelt them to get terracotta blocks. Each clay block will give you one undyed terracotta. Later on, you can use it for building purposes or to craft colored terracotta.

#2 Use to Obtain Clay Ball

Minecraft Clay Balls

When you break the clay block with the non-Silk Touch enchantment tool, it will drop 4 clay balls. You then can smelt the clay ball to get brick, which is a strong building material in Minecraft.

#3 Instrument for Note Blocks

Minecraft Clay used for instrument block

When placing the clay block under a note block, it will play the flute sound. This is purely for relaxing purposes, so you may not find this useful.

#4 Decoration and Building Purposes

Minecraft Clay used for decoration

Finally, a clay block is perfect for building if you’re familiar with the texture mixing technique. Clay block goes well with cobblestone, stone, andesite, dead coral blocks, and other blocks with the same color tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is clay rare in Minecraft?

Clay may be hard to find, but it’s not that rare in Minecraft. If you find the right place, you can get a lot of clay without any problems. Unlike diamonds, even though you already know where they spawn, finding them is luck-based.

Can you color clay Minecraft?

No, you can’t color clay in Minecraft. But you can smelt it in the furnace for terracotta and color the terracotta instead.

Can you farm clay in Minecraft?

You can farm clay in Minecraft by using mud blocks and pointed dripstones. By placing the mud right on top of another block with the dripstone right below it, the mud block will be transformed into clay.

And that’s all usages about clay in Minecraft!

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