10 Stunning Minecraft Front Door Design Ideas!

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So it’s your first day in Minecraft, and you just build yourself a lovely starter house. But have you built the front door yet?

In this article, let’s go through the list of 10 Minecraft front door design ideas and apply them immediately to your builds!

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Depending on your building’s material and how easy for you to get the resources, you can try different ideas, including different types of wood, stone bricks, or natural Minecraft front door.

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Minecraft Front Door Design Ideas

  1. Oak Front Door

The first front door design on the list is quite basic. With 11 oak planks, 7 oak trapdoors, 1 oak door, 2 oak logs, and 2 flower pots, you can easily construct a steady door in a minute.

The trapdoors wrap around the main door to create more space on the outside, as well as you can see everything outside clearly.

  1. Spruce Front Door

This Minecraft front door design is suitable if you’re in a cold biome, just like you can only see spruce trees spawn in cold locations. The spruce front door creates a cozy atmosphere with little effort.

You will need 18 stripped spruce logs, 5 spruce trapdoors, 3 spruce slabs, 2 spruce stairs, 2 lanterns, and a spruce door.

  1. Birch Front Door

Birch is the one wood type that most Minecrafters don’t like! But when it comes to building a front door, a birch door is a great candidate for bright houses!

Birch also creates cuteness so if you want to build anything for your girlfriend, this is the design!

You will need 7 stripped birch logs, 6 birch stairs, 3 birch logs, 3 birch fence gates, 3 birch doors, and 2 flower pots.

  1. Dark Oak Front Door

If you’re living in the middle of the wood or within a mystery mansion, a dark oak front door is a great option to choose!

Not only does it create a better effect due to the darkness of the wood, but you can also hide your front door by blending it with the wall.

To build this design, you need 13 dark oak logs, 7 dark oak stairs, 3 dark oak fence gates, 4 dark oak fences, 2 lanterns, and a dark oak door.

  1. Acacia Front Door

Next, we have a vibrant acacia front door design with 11 stripped acacia logs, 7 acacia logs, 4 acacia stairs, 3 acacia trapdoors, 2 acacia fences, 2 leaves, and an acacia door.

This design is opposite to any dark wood front door since it’s colorful and suitable for any savanna and plateau biomes.

  1. Dripstone Front Door

Located deep under caves and surrounded by the dripstone cave biome, this Minecraft front door design looks natural but well-constructed by the human’s hand. Farway, you can see the entire door is like a monster’s mouth with jagged teeth, and the door is like its tongue!

To build this, you need quite a lot of resources, including 18 pointed dripstones, 33 calcite blocks, 21 stripped spruce logs, 10 spruce stairs, 16 spruce trapdoors, 8 cobbled deepslates, 1 spruce slab, 2 spruce fences, and a spruce door.

  1. Crimson Front Door

Belong to the Nether dimension, a red glowing wood front door with flowers will lead you to a suffering place. The design is aesthetic but creepy at the same time.

Using 15 crimson stems, 2 crimson slabs, 4 weeping vines, 7 crimson trapdoors, 2 polished Blackstone buttons, a crimson door, and other blocks in the crimson forest biome, you can build this design in a few minutes.

  1. Warped Front Door

A gloomy place belonging to the Nether with the lost souls flying all over around is suitable for this warped front door. With the symmetrical design and nebulous lighting, this build will definitely give you a chill all the way to your spine!

You will need 6 warped stems, 3 warped planks, 2 warped slabs, 2 warped stairs, 9 warped trapdoors, 2 warped fences, a warped door, 5 warped planks, 4 mossy stone bricks wall, and other blocks related to the warped forest biome.

  1. Stone Bricks Front Door

Everyone loves the castle, right? But to build the front door for your mini castle, you either left it open or build a couple of wooden fences to close the door off.

To try this new stone bricks front door, you will need 1 dark oak door, 15 stone bricks stairs, 4 stone bricks, 2 chiseled stone bricks, 2 spruce buttons, and 7 oak trapdoors.

  1. Overgrown Front Door

Overgrown is always the theme most people strive for! Whether the build is abandoned till moss and leaves grow all over the place, or the plant actually grows fast due to some magical spells, it always looks good having greenery in your builds.

For the overgrown front door, you will need 19 stripped oak logs, 2 spruce stairs, 7 oak trapdoors, 5 spruce trapdoors, 4 spruce fences, 2 mossy stone bricks walls, 2 lanterns, 5 campfires, 1 oak door, and 5 leaves blocks.

That’s the random 10 Minecraft front door design ideas to spice up your builds!

Most of them only require basic materials you can build them quite early in the game. Get inspired, and let’s build, Minecrafters!

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