Minecraft – Does the Fortune Enchantment Work on Netherite?

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Fortune is a powerful enchantment that allows the tools to harvest more resources.

Being one of the first-ever enchantments in Minecraft, have you ever wondered if Fortune will work with any new content of the game? Or does fortune enchantment work on Netherite block?

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The answer is no! The Fortune enchantment does not increase the number of drops from netherite blocks. Despite the fact that Fortune enchantment doesn’t work with netherite block, you can still apply fortune enchantment to any of the netherite tools.

It doesn’t matter about the material of the tool you use Fortune on, but it’s about the type of tools themself.

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Does Fortune Enhancement Work on Netherite?

Fortune enhancement does not work on Netherite blocks or ancient debris, as Fortune only multiplies the drop if the block actually drops any items, not the block itself.

You can apply the Fortune enchantment to only 4 tools in Minecraft: pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe. For each of the tools mentioned above, there are currently 6 tiers/materials that exist in the game.

They are wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite.

Minecraft Pickaxe Shovel Axe Hoe in all materials

So as long as you enchant any 24 tools above, you can get the Fortune enchantment whether it’s a netherite pickaxe or netherite shovel.

Different materials can heavily affect the rate of receiving good enchantments. For example, gold tools tend to have the best merchantability.

Minecraft Netherite Items and Tools

There are a lot of other tools and armors that you can apply the enchantment on, like shears, helmets, chestplate, swords, bows, or crossbows. But you can’t put Fortune on them.

Why, may you ask? Because the way Fortune work is not compatible with those tools and armors. So it makes no sense to put Fortune on them.

Minecraft Netherite Pickaxe Enhancement

Another thing to note is you can’t put Fortune enchantment to a tool that already has Silk Touch. They hate each other! And that’s one reason Fortune doesn’t work on netherite tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fortune work on Netherite debris?

No, Fortune doesn’t work on netherite debris because it always drops a block item, not like diamonds or Redstones.

What ores does the fortune enchantment work on?

Fortune enchantment work on many ores and blocks in Minecraft including coal, iron, copper, gold, emerald, diamond, nether quartz, nether gold, lapis lazuli, and amethyst.

Does Fortune work on Netherite scrap?

No, Fortune enchantment doesn’t work on netherite scrap either! Because to get a netherite scrap, you must smelt the ancient debris in the furnace, not breaking it with the pickaxe or any other tools.

That’s everything you need to know about whether or not Fortune works on netherite in Minecraft!

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