6 Beautiful Minecraft Greenhouse Design Ideas

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Ever wonder how to put your farms together in Minecraft?

Whether it’s wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, melons, or pumpkins, you will always want to organize your things under the same roof. And that’s why in this article, we’ll show you the top 6 best Minecraft greenhouse design ideas to get inspiration from!

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The greenhouse is made mostly from wood and glass blocks. Sometimes, you can use stone bricks and white stained glass to make it more reinforcing.

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Best Minecraft Greenhouse Design Ideas for Your Farm!

Most Minecraft greenhouses are made from wood, and they’re really easy to ablaze by any fire source, especially the lighting strikes. That’s why building them underground or having some kind of stone ceiling would be a great idea!

Eventually, you can turn your greenhouse into a small storage room where you can mainly store your crops and farming stuff. Moreover, it’s also other best to have your animal fences near the greenhouse for easily feeding and breeding as well.

With that being said, let’s see our list of Minecraft greenhouse design ideas!

1. Basic Wooden Greenhouse

Materials: Oak logs, spruce trapdoors, slabs, fences, doors, dark oak slabs, fences, lanterns, glass blocks, campfires, and some leaves.

The first Minecraft greenhouse on the list is really friendly and easy to build!

With the basic main entrance made from spruce wood, combined with a wide A-frame roof and some leaves on the top, it all creates a natural vibe to the wooden greenhouse.

The right side is where you can implement your crop farms. Then seal the farm up with some glass blocks, and you’re good to go!

2. Greenhouse on Tree

Materials: Spruce trapdoors, stairs, fences, slabs, oak logs, stripped spruce logs, chains, lanterns, oak buttons, white stained glasses, and lots of leaves.

Most Minecraft greenhouse design ideas out there are normal houses located on the ground. So why do you need to follow the style everyone’s doing if you can build this cool greenhouse on a tree?

The first advantage of this design is mob-proof. With the main farm being on top of the tree, hostile mobs can rarely climb up and trample the crops.

Besides the cool design, it’s risky that your green treehouse will be struck by lightning. So remember to put a lightning rod somewhere near your greenhouse to avoid the worst scenario!

3. Cottagecore Greenhouse

Materials: Andesite, polished andesite, cobblestone, andesite stairs, oak logs, spruce trapdoors, fences, stairs, dark oak slabs, stairs, pumpkins, pickles, coarse dirt, sweet berries, oak trapdoors, light blue wool, white wool, smooth quartz slabs, warped planks, fences, a lightning rod, some leaves, and flowers.

Not only this design brings a cozy feeling, but it also comes with balanced color and the lightning rod on top of the tower. No more fire!

You have a stony wall made from cobblestone and andesite variant blocks, followed by the lovely farmland section on the right, where it’s exposed to the sun. All covered up by some white-stained glasses to protect your crops from annoying mobs!

4. Cute Greenhouse

Materials: White concrete, diorite, stone bricks, stone brick stairs, barrels, spruce stairs, slabs, buttons, trapdoors, signs, lime wool, white wool, lanterns, mossy cobblestone, mossy stone bricks, and some leaves.

This Minecraft greenhouse design is super bright and looks like a tiny candy shop from an anime world.

See how well the white wall merges with the spruce roof? And do not forget the actual farm section on the right with stone bricks and the alternative wool blocks on top. They fit so well together!

If you want more space to grow your crops, you can flexibly expand the right or the back side of the greenhouse. And if you’re looking for a place to live, you can always set up a small base in the main building or dig underground to build a secret basement there.

5. Starter Base with Greenhouse

Materials: Oak logs, stripped oak logs, oak planks, spruce slabs, stairs, trapdoors, fences, lanterns, buttons, stone brick stairs, stone brick slabs, leaves, some chests, and barrels.

This is a design many Minecrafters are craving for! You have a lovely two-floor house with everything you need and the integrated greenhouse right next to it.

The wall and roof are made from white stained glass, allowing the sunlight to pass through, which will make your crops grow naturally.

With this design, you will have enough room to grow all the crops you need. The only problem is you need to find all the seeds you want in the nearby villages.

6. Large Greenhouse

Materials: Stripped spruce logs, spruce stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates, doors, trapdoors, oak trapdoors, stone brick walls, leaves, vines, chains, and lanterns.

If you want a building that’s specialized for growing crops, this Minecraft large greenhouse design is the best option for you!

Not like other designs where you have a place to live, this big house is only for farming purposes. You have the carrots and potatoes farm on the left side, whereas beetroot and wheat are on the right side.

In the back, you can grow blocky crops like melons and pumpkins and store them in piles. Back to the center, you can create huge storage for your crops supply here with tons of barrels and chests.

Don’t forget to seal your roof with some spruce beams and fill the gaps with white stained glasses. This provides sunlight for your crops as well as prevents hostile mobs from spawning inside your farm.

So those are all 6 awesome Minecraft greenhouse design ideas for today!

What is your favorite design? Let’s pick one and start gathering the materials to protect your crop farms!

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