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Biomes is a special term in Minecraft that refers to an area with unique terrain, temperature, plants, sky, water, block colors, and more! Biomes also affect the ores and mobs’ spawn frequency.

With that being said, knowing the biomes you’re in is important in Minecraft!

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Currently, there are 63 (almost a stack) and 84 biomes in Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, respectively. Bedrock may have a lot more biomes, but 30 of them are unused, so the exact number of biomes is only 54.

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How to Know Which Biome You’re Currently In

By pressing F3 (debug screen) and looking at the left corner, you can see useful information, including the biome you’re standing in.

How to check your current Biome in Minecraft

To turn off the debug screen, simply press F3 again.

How Many Biomes Are There in Minecraft?

There are a total of 63 biomes in Minecraft Java Edition and a total of 84 biomes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In the Bedrock Edition, 30 of them are unused, however, so the exact number of biomes is only 54.

With that many biomes in a single world, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all of them.

To help get a better overview of all of them, we can categorize them based on either the temperature, the terrain, or the dimension of that biome. Let’s have a quick look at all of them!

#1 Overworld Biome

Depending on the category, the block, environment, terrain, and animals in the biomes can share a few similar points.

Cold biomes tend to have snow instead of rain, temperature biomes have the best foliage color, and rain doesn’t happen in warm biomes.

Minecraft frozen biome

Below is the list of all biomes in the overworld, with a total of 52 biomes.

  • Snowy biomes: Snowy plains, ice spikes, snowy taiga, snowy beach, grove, snowy slopes, jagged peaks, and frozen peaks.
  • Cold biomes: Windswept hills, windswept gravelly hills, windswept forest, taiga, old growth pine taiga, old growth spruce taiga, and stone shore.
  • Temperature biomes: Plains, sunflower plains, forest, flower forest, birch forest, old growth birch forest, dark forest, swamp, mangrove swamp, jungle, sparse jungle, bamboo jungle, beach, mushroom fields, meadow, and stone peaks.
  • Warm biomes: Desert, savanna, savanna plateau, windswept savanna, badlands, wooded badlands, and eroded badlands.
  • Aquatic biomes: River, frozen river, warm ocean, lukewarm ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, ocean, deep ocean, cold ocean, deep cold ocean, frozen ocean, and deep frozen ocean.
  • Cave biomes: Deep dark, dripstone caves, and lush caves.
  • Neutral biomes: The void.

#2 The Nether Biome

Although the Nether is as big as the overworld, it only has 5 biomes: Nether wastes, soul sand valley, crimson forest, warped forest, and basalt deltas.

Minecraft nether biome

Crimson forest and warped forest are the biomes specific for the new wood in the Nether update, while the soul sand valley is home to the soul sand and soul soil.

The basalt deltas is a dangerous biome with dense ashes flying all over the place.

#3 The End Biome

In the previous versions of Minecraft, the End tends to have only 1 island in the center of the dimension. That’s where you fight with the Ender Dragon.

But things have changed over time, the End now has 5 biomes: The End, small End islands, End midlands, End highlands, and End barrens.

Minecraft The End biome

While the End biome itself now becomes the central island of the dimension, the End highlands are the most favorite biomes in the End due to the spawning of the End city structures. In this biome, you can loot many valuable items like diamonds and enchanted gears.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

The rarest biome in Minecraft is either the mushroom fields or jungle are the two rarest in Minecraft. Badlands is also quite rare compared to the two.

What is the oldest biome in Minecraft?

Plains is the oldest biome in Minecraft. It contains mostly grass blocks with grass on them. The surface of the plain biome is quite flat, making it easy to travel as well as develop, so that’s why it’s the first ever biome in Minecraft.

Which Minecraft biome is the best?

Depending on your play style, the best biome in Minecraft can be determined by a few different criteria. If you want flat terrain to build your megabase, plains are the best biome! If you want to build an underwater base, ocean or deep ocean to go! And if you want to mine gold in large quantities, badlands should do the trick!

Those are all the biomes you can find and explore in Minecraft!

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