7 Simple Minecraft Roof Design Ideas

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To secure your house from mobs like Spiders and Phantom, a roof is an important part of your base. But not every Minecrafter knows how to properly build one, even veterans.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the top 7 Minecraft roof design ideas for inspiration!

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These roof designs have different shapes and materials. Before picking one, you should observe your house first to see which roof fits the best. If you haven’t built a house yet, a roof can help you to determine your house’s shape. Also, feel free to switch the materials so the roof can blend in with the rest of your base.

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Minecraft Roof Design Ideas

To build a roof easier and more effectively, you may need some extra blocks like dirt and scaffolding to pillar up. And remember to light up your roof and the attic so no hostile mobs can spawn there.

We used Stone Bricks Stairs and Spruce Stairs for all of the roof design ideas below. But you should change the materials accordingly so the roof blend in well with your base.

Moreover, we used Blue Concrete for the wall so you can easily see how the roof and the wall connected.

One golden rule to make a good roof in Minecraft: Always stick the roof out 1 more block.

Ready? Let’s see our design ideas!

1. Jerkinhead

The first design on the list is unique yet funny at the same time.

A Jerkinhead roof is a hybrid between a gable roof and a hip roof. The sides are not so steep, and the middle roof is completely flat.

This roof idea works well with any modern house, especially if you’re using birch planks for the wall. Moreover, the Jerkinhead roof also looks good when combined with brick blocks.

2. Conical Spire

If you have an entire medieval castle with multiple watch towers, this roof design could satisfy you!

With minimal materials, you can have a steady roof to prevent phantom attacks.

To make the spire thinner and more aesthetic, you could replace the full Stone Bricks blocks with Stairs. This creates the perfect curves for your roof.

3. Hemispherical Dome

With a fluffy and sphere-like shape, you can use this roof design for both medieval or Persian buildings. In fact, most palaces in the Eastern use this type of roof!

Compared to a Conical Spire roof, you will need more materials and a perfect eye to make it symmetrical. Also, remember to put some light sources inside of the dome so hostile mobs can’t spawn there!

4. Gambrel

Gambrel is one of the most basic roof designs in Minecraft!

With an extended A-shape but curvier, it’s easier to build compared to the traditional A-frame roof since you don’t need to go so high.

This roof is mostly used in barn designs. For the best effect, you should put upside-down stairs to connect each roof layer together.

5. A-Frame

Every Minecrafters know about this roof design, but they normally make the lower A shape instead.

To create the perfect A shape like this design, each layer of the roof must contain 2 blocks high. To make it look better, we replace the block on top with stairs.

Like other Minecraft roof designs, we always put some stairs upside-down to connect the layers.

6. Double A-Frame

Now let’s bring the creativity to the next level!

We introduce you to the double A-frame roof, which contains 2 low A-frame roofs stacked on top of each other.

Not only this roof design looks cool, but you can also use the attic under the second roof for multiple purposes like observing the areas or making a storage room.

If you have a large mansion, you could build multiple Double A-frame roofs for a better looking and have more spacing to work with!

7. Gable Dormer

From the Gable roof, we could extend into 2 different versions: single and double windows.

This roof design features two mini roofs sticking out of the main Gable roof. Depending on your style, you can even your house look like a face with this design by adding emotion and eyebrows to the mini roofs.

To keep it simple, we use blue concrete to create the flat wall. Then build the Gable roof first. Then simply destroy two 3 by 3 areas and build the mini roofs from there.

Building this can be a little bit tricky. But it’s really worth it!

We hope you enjoy the list of 7 Minecraft roof design ideas.

Let’s get the building started as soon as possible before the hostile mobs crawl into your house!

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