16 Easy Minecraft Lamp Post Design Ideas

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A lamp post is a great addition when it comes to decorating the pathway in Minecraft.

What you would need to build one is the idea itself since the needed resources are pretty much easy to get.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best Minecraft lamp post design ideas!

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Besides decoration purposes, a lamp post can provide lighting to the surrounding area to prevent hostile mobs from spawning. By choosing the correct design, you can ensure that your base is safe without spamming too many torches on the ground.

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Minecraft Lamp Post Design Ideas

Some lamp post design ideas could be wide or higher than your base’s roof, so it’s recommended to check your available spacing before collecting the materials.

Without further ado, let’s see the design list!

1. Lamp Post with Grindstones

Materials: 2 Cobblestone Walls, 2 Spruce Fences, 2 Spruce Trapdoors, 1 Cobblestone Slab, 2 Grindstones, and 2 Lanterns.

The first lamp post design on the list is simple yet attractive.

All you need to do is to chop down some trees and mine some cobblestones. That’s it!

The grindstones can be crafted with 2 wooden planks, 2 sticks, and 1 stone slab. So, make sure to prepare a crafting table and a furnace for this design.

2. One-side Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Chisel Stone Brick, 4 Stone Buttons, 2 Stone Brick Walls, 1 Spruce Fence, 1 Spruce Fence Gate, 1 Spruce Stair, 1 Spruce Slab, 2 Spruce Trapdoors, 1 Chain, and 1 Lantern.

If you’re a fan of spruce and stone bricks, let’s try this lamp post design!

It’s best to use this design when you don’t have a large space to work with, especially in the dark mineshaft deep underground.

3. Crimson Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Crying Obsidian, 4 Nether Brick Stairs, 1 Nether Brick, 6 Nether Brick Walls, 1 Red Nether Brick Wall, 2 Red Nether Brick Stairs, 1 Wither Skeleton Skull, 2 Blocks of Netherite, 4 Crimson Vines, 2 Magma Blocks, 6 Crimson Signs, and 2 Crimson Trapdoors.

Ever want to show off your netherite in a subtle way? We’ve got you covered!

The design fit really well with the Nether environment while still providing a soft light to the area.

And since you’re in the Nether, you could gather some Blackstones and use them as a replacement for the netherite blocks. Alternatively, gold blocks are a solid option too!

4. Weighted Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Smoker, 4 Spruce Buttons, 2 Cobblestone Walls, 2 Spruce Fences, 1 Spruce Slab, 2 Spruce Trapdoors, 2 Hoppers, 1 Anvil, 2 Chains, and 2 Lanterns.

This is an upgraded version of the first lamp post design.

By building a solid foundation made from a smoker and unique models of hoppers, you could have a detailed and good-looking lamp post for your path.

5. Nether Warped Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Crying Obsidian, 1 Chiseled Polished Blackstones, 10 Warped Trapdoors, 12 Warped Signs, 2 Polished Blackstone Walls, 2 Warped Fences, 1 Iron Bar, 1 Hopper, 1 Beacon, 2 Polished Blackstone Stairs, 4 Polished Blackstone Slabs, 1 Soul Lantern, 4 Twisting Vines, and 2 Sea Lanterns.

Here’s another lamp post design for your Nether base!

By using mostly warped wood and Blackstones, it’s really easy to replica this idea since you can get those resources in the Nether dimension itself.

If you don’t have any spare beacons left, replace the center block with another sea lantern.

6. Reinforced Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Polished Blackstone Brick, 1 Anvil, 1 Nether Brick Wall, 3 Nether Brick Slabs, 2 Grindstones, 1 Chiseled Stone Brick, 1 Bell, and 2 Lanterns.

If you love the first and fourth lamp post designs, here’s another variation!

With a smaller size and height, you could fit this design anywhere you like.

You can find a bell in any type of village structure. Each village can have up to 3 bells generated in a random location. Or you can trade 36 emeralds with the armorer villagers for a bell.

7. Chinese Lamp Post #1

Materials: 1 Polished Blackstone Brick, 2 Anvils, 1 Nether Brick Wall, 1 Nether Brick Fence, 5 Nether Brick Slabs, 2 Crimson Fence Gates, 1 Stripped Crimson Log, 2 Polished Blackstones, 2 Shroomlights, 4 Crimson Vines, and 8 Red Banners.

It’s always cool to see Asian structure appear in Minecraft, and lamp post is not an exception.

With a temple arc shape and gorgeous red lantern designs, this lamp post idea is a perfect fit for any temple and pagoda build!

8. Chinese Lamp Post #2

Materials: 1 Sea Lantern, 6 Warped Trapdoors, 2 Dark Prismarine Stairs, 1 Stripped Warped Stem, 4 Warped Buttons, 1 Warped Fence, 1 Hopper, 2 Warped Fence Gates, 2 Warped Slabs, 2 Chains, 2 Soul Lanterns, and 4 Yellow Banners.

With only 6 blocks tall and the blue tone, you could use this lamp post design for any small or aquatic temple.

Feel free to switch out the banner and pick the best color that suits you the most!

9. Fortress Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Polished Blackstone Brick, 4 Polished Blackstone Brick Slabs, 7 Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs, 2 Polished Blackstone Brick Walls, 3Polished Blackstone Walls, 2 Polished Basalt, 8 Dead Corals, 1 Wither Skeleton Skull, 4 Magma Blocks, 1 Gilded Blackstone, and 2 Lanterns.

This Nether lamp post design is a little bit advanced.

The resources are hard to obtain, and it’s also difficult to build the top part as a horn shape. However, the result is totally worth it!

10. Double Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Stone Brick Wall, 8 Spruce Fences, 4 Spruce Trapdoors, 1 Spruce Stair, 2 Spruce Signs, 2 Lanterns, and a Flower Pot.

If you’ve played enough RPG games, you should be familiar with those direction lamp posts.

With some wood and a few stone bricks, you could rebuild this idea in a minute or two.

In fact, many Minecraft servers use this design in their spawn area because it’s easy to build and has multiple functionalities.

11. Desert Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Sandstone, 6 Birch Trapdoors, 2 Sandstone Walls, 4 Birch Fences, 1 Birch Wood, 1 Smooth Sandstone Slab, and 2 Lanterns.

Birch wood and sandstone are a perfect combination for a lamp post, especially if you’re living in the desert biome.

To make it more vibrant, planting some cacti around the lamp post is a great idea!

12. Scarecrow Lamp Post

Materials: 1 Chiseled Stone Brick, 2 Stone Brick Walls, 6 Spruce Fences, 4 Spruce Trapdoors, 1 Spruce Slab, 2 Flower Pots with Dead Bushes, 2 Lanterns, and 2 Levers.

As its name suggests, this lamp post design has a scarecrow shape with two long hands and a straw hat.

Furthermore, you could replace the trapdoor with a carved pumpkin to make it more creepy. Now let’s build those around your farm’s pathway!

13. Statue with Lamp Post

Materials: Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Stairs, Polished Andesites, Stones, Chiseled Stone Bricks, 8 Dark Oak Fences, 8 Primarine Walls, and 1 Ochre Froglight.

This design is weird and cool at the same time.

Just imagine walking into an ocean monument with a long hallway, and you see several statues holding a lamp post like this. Isn’t it wonderful?

Alternatively, you can choose to only build the lamp trident if you want.

14. Acacia Lamp Post

Materials: 2 Stripped Oak Logs, 8 Spruce Trapdoors, 4 Spruce Buttons, 3 Cobblestone Walls, 3 Acacia Fences, 2 Acacia Fence Gates, 2 Chains, 2 Lanterns, 1 Spruce Fence, and a Rose Bush.

Acacia always has a vibrant texture, and that’s what makes this lamp post stand out.

By using different block types such as walls, fences, and fence gates, you can create a unique lamp post with different heights and depths, which is really satisfying to the eyes.

15. Simplistic Lamp Post

Materials: 2 Lodestone, 2 Andesite Walls, 2 Spruce Fences, 1 Spruce Slab, 4 Oak Trapdoors, 1 Redstone Lamp, 2 Levers, 2 Chains, and 2 Lanterns.

The main feature of this design is the connection between the lever and the chain. Also, it only requires 3 blocks wide to build a single lamp post, which is sufficient for small areas.

It’s also best to use this design in any mountain builds, especially for dwarf’s fortress and pathway.

16. Medieval Lamp Post

Materials: 2 Deepslate Walls, 4 Iron Bars, 4 Spruce Pressure Plates, 3 Dark Oak Fences, 1 Lead, 1 Hopper, 2 Spruce Stairs, 6 Spruce Trapdoors, 1 Daylight Sensor, 1 Redstone Lamp, 4 Chains, 2 Lanterns, 1 Item Frame, and 1 Spruce Sign.

By adding a small sitting area underneath the lamp post, you can have a quick rest and take a snack here after a long journey.

Remember to add the daylight sensor on top so the lamp post can automatically turn on at night. Additionally, using a lead to add a small detail to the pole can create a huge difference.

Those are the 16 Minecraft lamp post design ideas!

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comment below!

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