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If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time, surely you have faintly heard about the term “seeds” in Minecraft.

Is it for farming? How big is it? And what how they look like? In this article, we’ll introduce to you what seeds are and how they work in Minecraft!

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In short, Minecraft seeds can be an item that you plant on farmland and later harvest for different crops. But when players mention seeds, they usually refer to a random value that determines how a Minecraft world is created, including its structures, caves, and decoration placements.

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What Are Seeds in Minecraft?

Seed is a random number generated when you first create any world that determines the generation of that world.

You can let Minecraft automatically generate it for you by letting the seed field from in the Create World menu, or you can manually input the number or text you want into that field. The value of the seed can be negative.

To see the seed for the already created world, simply type /seed in the chat box inside the game.

In Bedrock Edition, you can see the seed of the current world in the World options menu.

How Do Minecraft Seeds Work?

Whenever you create a new world in Minecraft, a random value is also created beforehand to decide how the world is generated.

If you input a text in the seed field, it will be automatically converted into an integer number. With that being said, there are a total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possibilities when it comes to Minecraft world seeds. From -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

Depending on the platform (Java or Bedrock Edition), Minecraft version, and external modifications to the world, the total different amount of Minecraft worlds can larger than the number above!

If you’re going to input your name or any specific biomes into the seed field, you’re not going to spawn in the unique world with that specific biome right away. Since no matter any word you write, it will be converted to numbers.

Sometimes, exceptions can happen! Let’s say two players use the same seed, and therefore, their world is identical.

The first player only goes around the spawn and lives there, whereas the second player goes adventuring far way discovers a lot of chunks.

When the new update is out, with that same seed, any undiscovered or deleted chunk will be generated when the player first visits them.

So, if both players come to the faraway chunk, it will be different because the second player has already discovered it before.

When using the same seed, Java and Bedrock Edition can pretty much generate the same world with terrain and biomes.

But there will be some slight differences between the structures, caves, and decoration placements.

Moreover, you can modify a specific section of the seed to manipulate its features, like duplicating the generation and rearranging generated structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the seed of the Minecraft realm?

In Java Edition, you can find the seed of the Minecraft realm by typing /seed in the chat, just like in Singleplayer mode. In the Bedrock realm, there is no way to see the seed in the game.

How to use seed in Minecraft?

First, you may want to look for any good seeds on the Internet and copy them. Then when you’re in the game, hit Create New World button, then click on the More World Options button. You will see a new screen with a plank input text said “Seed for the world generator“. Simply put your desired seed into this and click Create World to proceed.

That’s what seeds are in Minecraft and a little bit about how they work!

This belongs to the technical stuff, so if you just want to experience the game in a fun and natural way, let the seed randomize and explore the gorgeous world!

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