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Copper is a new block in the Minecraft 1.17 update, and with many usages, as well as being a new ore, everyone is curious about it. Moreover, there is a new unique mechanic that comes with the copper blocks, oxidation!

What is it? And how do you remove and prevent oxidation on copper blocks? Let’s find out!

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You can remove and prevent oxidation on Copper blocks in 5 different ways: use an axe, use lightning bolts, use honeycomb, connect the coppers, and finally, don’t place them at all! Let’s see how to do it step-by-step!

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How to Remove and Prevent Oxidation on Copper Blocks

Oxidation is a complicated system in Minecraft! Basically, any copper blocks will go through 4 different stages: normal, exposed, weathered, and oxidized. The more it oxidized, the more dark teal it will become.

This process happens slowly over time, and it’s hard to control it. If you’re building houses using copper blocks, they will slowly turn into blocks with a completely different texture than before.

With that being said, many Minecrafters want to keep their favorite state of the copper block in their builds. Here are the 5 ways to prevent oxidation on copper blocks, both manually and automatically!

  1. Use an Axe

First, you need to craft an axe with 2 sticks and 3 materials! Any axe tier will do the job, from wooden and stone to diamond and even a netherite axe.

Then simply hold an axe and look at the copper block. Press right-click on your mouse to scrap the copper block. This will make the copper go back 1 stage in its oxidation progress.

For example, using an axe on a weathered copper block will turn it into an exposed copper block.

If the copper block is waxed, scrap it will remove the wax, and the copper block will begin oxidizing again.

  1. Wait for Lightning Bolts

This method depends on luck and rain. You will need to wait for lightning strikes from the sky to hit the copper blocks. Alternatively, you can place a lightning rod directly on top of a copper block to attract the bolts.

Lightning is strong, so when it strikes the copper block, it will remove all the oxidation, bringing the copper to its first state with a lovely orange texture.

Remember that lightning bolts can remove the wax on the copper block as well. So if your roof is built of waxed copper, it may be oxidized again.

  1. Wax the Coppers

This is another manual method that can completely stop your copper blocks from oxidation! Unlike the 2 methods above, where you need to revert your copper blocks after they’re already oxidized, this method prevents it in the beginning!

To wax a copper block, you need to farm bees and collect honeycomb from their nest. Then use the honeycomb (right-click) on a copper block to wax it.

Now the copper block will retain its state forever! Unless you scrap it or it’s hit by lightning.

  1. Put the Copper Blocks near each other

This is a reserve method where you can only slow down the oxidation’s speed. It is actually helpful if you need various types of coppers, either for building or selling purposes.

Because copper blocks oxidize slower when placed together, you can partially control how many of each copper’s state you want to farm.

For example, if you’re going mining underground and really need some of your copper to turn into exposed coppers (stage 2) and most of the others turn into weathered coppers (stage 4), you can place them next to each other, so they oxidize slower. For the stage 4 coppers, you want to place them separate at least 4 blocks from each other.

  1. Don’t Place the Copper Outside down

This is quite simple! Your copper blocks can’t oxidize if you don’t place them down in the world. No oxygen equals no oxidation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep a copper block from turning green?

If your copper block is turning green, it’s being oxidized. You can scrap it with an axe and apply a honeycomb on it to keep it fresh all the time!

Can oxidation be removed from copper?

Yes, oxidation can be removed from copper in Minecraft! Using an axe or waiting for a lightning bolt is what you need to do.

How do you reduce copper oxidation in Minecraft?

You can reduce the oxidation in Minecraft by placing the copper blocks close to each other. So there are no gaps between the copper blocks.

We hope this article will help you with how to remove and prevent oxidation on copper blocks in Minecraft!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, please leave them in the comment section below.

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