Where Can You Find Goats in Minecraft?

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Goats are grumpy creatures with thick white fur, a long goatee, and a pair of horns.

They were added in the first 1.17 Cave & Cliff update, and from that time, there are so many fun things you can do with goats.

In this article, we’ll show you where you can find goats in Minecraft!

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Goats spawn in mountain biomes, which include 3 different biomes: snowy slopes, jagged peaks, and frozen peaks. Although you can find the correct biome easily, there are more conditions required for goats to spawn in the world, so there is no guarantee goats are residing there currently.

Let’s see more!

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Where Can You Find Goats in Minecraft

Like many other mobs in Minecraft, goats can only be found in some specific biomes, somewhere cold and high, and that is the mountains!

When it comes to mob spawning in Minecraft, besides biome, there are a lot of other criteria for the mobs to be able to spawn properly.

First, the biomes goats can spawn in are snowy slopes, frozen peaks, and jagged peaks.

You can find the biome information by looking at the terrain. Does it have snow? Or is it high up compared to surrounding biomes?

Another way to find the exact biome you’re currently standing in is to press F3 to open the debug screen. Then look at the left corner to find the biome name.

When you’ve found the correct biomes, try running around for the goats to spawn.

Goats can only spawn on any opaque blocks (dirt, snow block, stone,…) in groups of 2 to 3.

You can increase the chance for goats to spawn by replacing any non-opaque blocks with opaque ones.

For example, replace any snow layer, water, ice, or leaves with solid blocks like cobblestones or wooden planks.

The third condition for goats to spawn is the light level.

Goats can only spawn on a block with a light level greater than or equal to 7. So if you’re under a cave and looking for goats, better go outside!

Once you’ve found some goats, you can learn how to “tame” and breed them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can goats spawn in all mountain biomes?

Even though there are 6 mountain biomes in the game (meadow, grove, snowy slopes, jagged peaks, stony peaks, and frozen peaks), goats can only spawn in 3 biomes.

What are other ways to find goats in Minecraft?

If you have access to creative mode, you can search for the goat spawn egg in the creative inventory and spawn them. Or you can use a /summon minecraft:goat ~ ~ ~ command to summon a goat next to you. You can also use the command /locate biome biome_name to find the 3 biomes above.

That’s all about where you can find goats in Minecraft!

Remember to bring a leather boot with you to avoid powder snow in the goat’s area. Keep an eye on the goats because they can ram at you, and good luck on your adventure!

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