How to Tame and Breed Goats in Minecraft: Is It Possible?

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Ever wonder how to tame goats and breed them in Minecraft? Chances are that you have some trouble with breeding goats.

In this article, we’ll show you every step to do before taming and breeding goats in Minecraft!

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You can’t actually tame goats in Minecraft like other animal mobs, even though you can feed them. Additionally, you can only breed them with their favorite food – wheat.

Let’s go on an adventure with us to find wheat, locate where the goats spawn, and breed them!

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How to “tame” and breed goats in Minecraft

To “tame” and breed goats in Minecraft, you will need to find them first.

In short, goats can only spawn in some mountain biomes, such as frozen peaks, jagged peaks, or snowy slopes.

Besides that, there are other 2 conditions for goats to spawn, which you can see in our guide on where you can find goats in Minecraft.

Let’s get the food for the goats first!

Goats in Minecraft only eat wheat, a common crop that you can get from farming or looting several structures. The best way to get wheat is by farming.

Simply craft a hoe and look for a good place near a water source, then till the dirt into farmland. When the dirt is moist, you can plant wheat seeds (which can get from breaking grass and tallgrass) and wait to harvest the wheat.

You can also use bone meal to accelerate the growth speed of the wheat.

With that being said, there are other fun ways to get wheat in Minecraft. For example, you can loot chests in several structures like dungeons, igloos, shipwrecks, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, villages, and woodland mansions for 1-21 wheat. Or you can break the hay bale blocks in the village and craft 9 wheat from them.

Let’s “tame” and breed goats!

As mentioned earlier, you can’t tame goats in Minecraft. But you can still make them follow you by using lead items on them.

When you hover the wheat on your hand, the goats in 10 blocks around will start following you.

To breed goats, simply right-click the goats with the wheat on your hand. When you see the red heart particles, two adult goats will enter love mode and will produce a baby goat soon.

If you’re having trouble breeding goats because they always ram at you, you can build a 2 block tall wall and lure them inside.

Then you can freely breed them without any problems.

Using wheat on a baby goat will create small green particles. This indicates that the growth speed of the baby goat is increased by 10%. So you can constantly feed it to reduce the growth time of the baby goat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a goat in Minecraft?

Although goats can do much more than breeding, you can’t officially train a goat in Minecraft just yet! What you can do right now is to breed them.

Can you shear goats in Minecraft?

With thick fur, you may be wondering if shearing goats is a thing in Minecraft, right? The sad thing is you can’t.

Can you milk goats in Minecraft?

Yes, you can use an empty bucket on goats in Minecraft to get a milk bucket. This is really useful if you want to remove any negative effects!

That’s how you can “tame” goats and breed them in Minecraft!

Be careful and watch out for the goat’s ram because they can easily kick you off the mountains. And happy breeding!

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