How Many Mobs Are There in Minecraft? (All Listed)

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Mobs are a crucial part of the Minecraft game whenever you need something to fight, make friends with, or obtain particular items from.

In this article, we’ll discuss how many mobs are there in Minecraft and their categories, so you will have a better understanding of mobs.

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Currently, there are a total of 84 different mobs in Minecraft in both Java and Bedrock Edition. This number is increased to 111 when we count all the mobs in history that were removed today, such as the beast boy, Rana, pink wither, smiling creeper, and the firefly.

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How Many Mobs Are There in Minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft are divided into different types, classifications, and platform availability. Below is the ultimate list of all the mobs in Minecraft with their classification and availability.

1. Passive Mobs

Passive mobs are the best in Minecraft! They’re cute and don’t attack the player even if the player attacks them first. One exception is the pufferfish, which unconsciously stings the player with its poison. Most passive mobs in Minecraft can be tamed and bred, so they’re the rich source of eggs, leather, cooked food, wool, emeralds, and other useful items.

There are currently 30 passive mobs in Minecraft divided into 3 different classifications as below:

  • Aquatic classification:
    • Axolotl
    • Cod
    • Glow Squid
    • Pufferfish
    • Salmon
    • Squid
    • Tadpole
    • Tropical Fish
    • Turtle
  • Animals classification:
    • Bat
    • Cat
    • Chicken
    • Cow
    • Donkey
    • Fox
    • Frog
    • Horse
    • Mooshroom
    • Mule
    • Ocelot
    • Parrot
    • Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Sheep
  • Undead classification:
    • Skeleton Horse
  • Other:
    • Allay
    • Snow Golem
    • Strider
    • Villager
    • Wandering Trader

Passive mobs are available for both Java and Bedrock Edition, so no worries about which platform you play. You can still find your favorite mobs. Tadpole, frog, and alley doesn’t exist in the Education Edition of Minecraft just yet.

2. Hostile Mobs

Like the name, hostile mobs will always attack the player, no matter what the player does to them. Whenever you enter their sight, they will chase after you. Even though they’re dangerous, it’s still worth encountering them for more goodies. For example, you may want to obtain some bones, blaze rods, gunpowder, or shulker shells. The mobs below are available in both Java and Bedrock Edition.

  • Aquatic classification:
    • Elder Guardian
    • Guardian
  • Undead classification:
    • Chicken Jockey
    • Drowned
    • Husk
    • Phantom
    • Skeleton
    • Skeleton Horseman
    • Spider Jockey
    • Stray
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Zoglin
    • Zombie
    • Zombie Villager
  • Arthropods classification:
    • Endermite
    • Silverfish
  • Illager & Allie’s classification:
    • Pillager
    • Vindicator
    • Evoker
    • Ravager
    • Vex
    • Witch
  • Other:
    • Blaze
    • Creeper
    • Ghast
    • Hoglin
    • Magma Cube
    • Piglin Brute
    • Shulker
    • Slime
    • Warden

Remember that there are more mobs that can attack you naturally when they meet certain conditions, and we don’t list them here. Let’s see the neutral mobs category to see what they are!

3. Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs are passive at first, and depending on the condition, they may turn hostile on and attack you. For example, if you attack them first or look into their eyes, they will fight back. Or if the light level is too low, they will turn into hostile mobs. That’s why it’s recommended to light up any caves and dark places in your base!

  • Animals classification:
    • Goat
    • Llama
    • Panda
    • Polar Bear
    • Trader Llama
    • Wolf
  • Aquatic classification:
    • Dolphin
  • Undead classification:
    • Zombified Piglin
  • Arthropods classification:
    • Bee
    • Cave Spider
    • Spider
  • Other:
    • Enderman
    • Iron Golem
    • Piglin

Be nice and follow the rule to keep those mobs under your control because some of them are very strong. They can even attack you in groups, so there is no way you can easily survive after provoking them. Also, all of the neutral mobs above are available for both Java and Bedrock Edition too.

4. Boss Mobs

There are only 2 boss mobs (did you count the Warden?) in Minecraft: Ender Dragon and Wither. They’re super strong, have special abilities, and have their own health bar on top of the screen whenever you spawn them in the world. The third criterion may be the reason why the warden is not listed as a boss mob by Mojang, even though it’s stronger than the two.

5. Unimplemented Mobs

Unimplemented mobs are the ones announced by Mojang but never make it to the real Minecraft game. Folks say that those mobs may be added in the future, but who knows? Actually, some of them were added to the Minecraft Dungeons game, such as the wildfire, and hopefully, we will see these mobs in Minecraft soon!

Unimplemented mobs include a red dragon, barnacle, mob C the great hunger, wildfire, Chinese alligator, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, baiji dolphin, moobloom, iceologer, glare, cooper golem, and recently, firefly.

6. Unused Mobs

As opposed to unimplemented mobs, unused mobs were added to the game already, but they can’t spawn naturally in the world without commands or spawn eggs. Depending on the platform you’re playing, the list of unused mobs may vary.

  • Java Edition: Giant, zombie horse, the killer bunny, and illusioner.
  • Bedrock and Education Edition: Zombie horse, agent, NPC, and elder guardian ghost.

Only zombie horses can be spawned with a spawn egg item. To summon the other, you must use the corresponding /summon command.

7. Joke Mobs (only Java Edition)

If you’ve been following the news, you will know that each year in April fool, Mojang will do something weird. For once, they add multi dimensions to the game where you can encounter an endless amount of new dimensions. Or encounter weird mobs that you won’t believe exist.

Joke mobs include diamond chicken, ponies horse, love golem, nerd creeper, pink wither, pony, Redstone bug, and smiling creeper.

8. Removed Mobs (only Java Edition)

Removed mobs were also added and removed from the game a long time ago. They include beast boy, black Steve, human, pigman, Rana, and Steve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all tameable mobs in Minecraft?

There are currently 13 mobs you can tame in Minecraft. They are allay, cat, donkey, horse, llama, mule, parrot, skeleton horse, trader llama, wolf, axolotl, fox, and ocelot.

What are all breedable mobs in Minecraft?

You can breed 22 different animals and mobs in Minecraft, including horse, donkey, cow, goat, mooshroom, sheep, pig, chicken, wolf, cat, ocelot, axolotl, llama, trader llama, rabbit, turtle, panda, fox, bee, strider, hoglin, and frog.

That’s all about mobs in Minecraft!

Remember that the number of mobs in Minecraft can be changed soon because Mojang is updating its games frequently. But we can expect we’ll have 100 official mobs in Minecraft soon!

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