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Netherite is the strongest mineral in Minecraft that was added to the game in the Minecraft 1.16 update. With more durability and faster speed compared to diamond tools, netherite is super valuable!

To get netherite, you have to find ancient debris, which can only spawn deep in the Nether dimension. So it’s really dangerous.

In today’s article, let’s see what is the best Y level for finding netherite in Minecraft, shall we?

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The best Y level for finding Netherite in Minecraft is 15. You can expand the area from level 7 up to 21 because they can also spawn here. But it’s recommended to mine between the Y level of 13 to 17 for the best chance!

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What Is the Best Y Level For Finding Netherite?

To be clear, you can’t mine netherite directly in the Nether dimension. Instead, you mine for ancient debris, which later on can be smelt in the furnace for netherite scraps. Combine the netherite scraps with some gold ingots, and you will have netherite ingots!

When you’re in the Nether dimension, try to find the lowest place if possible.

Normally, we’d go for the Nether Waste biome because it has low terrain with a clear view of lava pools, so you can easily avoid them while digging down.

Another tip is to build the Nether portal as low as possible in the overworld. This will bring you to the low terrain in the Nether dimension as well.

When you’ve found the right place, start digging down in a staircase shape until you reach the Y level of 13 to 17. Do not dig straight down because you can end up in a lava hole anytime!

Now let’s mine the Netherrack here to find ancient debris! You can apply any mining methods you like, but be careful because lava is everywhere!

Strip mining tends to be the safest way to mine netherite, while bed mining is the most efficient method but with a little bit riskier.

Frequently asked questions

Which Nether biome can you find Netherite in?

You can find ancient debris/netherite in any biomes in the Nether, including nether wastes, crimson forest, warped forest, soul sand valley, and basalt deltas.

What is the maximum netherite you can find in one vein?

You can find a maximum of 3 ancient debris/netherite spawn in one vein, which means they’re close to each other. This only happens when you’re between the Y level of 8 and 22.

Can ancient debris spawn exposed to the air?

No, ancient debris/netherite never spawn exposed to the air. You must dig the terrain to find them!

We’ve answered what is the best Y level for finding netherite!

Prepare your gears and enchant them with fire protection enchantments. Then bring a few potions of fire resistance, and let’s go mining the netherite!

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