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XP in Minecraft is really useful! It can be used to enchant, repair, and rename your items. There are many ways to obtain XP in Minecraft, and one of them is to kill mobs.

But do you know what Minecraft mob gives the most XP? Let’s find out in this article!

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The Ender Dragon is the Minecraft mob that gives the most XP! It drops 12,000 experience points on death, which can get you to level 68 instantly. This is a lot compared to other passive, neutral, and hostile mobs in Minecraft!

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What Minecraft Mob Gives the Most XP?

Mobs in Minecraft are categorized into 3 different categories: passive, neutral, and hostile.

While the passive mobs are easiest to kill and spawn more frequently in a large group, they only drop 1-3 experience points on death.

Some of the passive mobs you may already know are cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, horses, and more! The strider is a unique passive mob because it only drops 1-2 experience points on Java Edition.

Neutral mobs like zombified piglins, bees, or wolves don’t actively attack you but will fight back when you provoke them first. Most neutral mobs will give 1-3 XP on death, like passive mobs.

Except for the baby zombified piglin, which will give you 12-15 experience points. Moreover, cave spiders, spiders, zombified piglins, piglins, and enderman give you 5-8 XP.

Hostile mobs, on the other hand, are the most dangerous mob category of all time! They will chase you as soon as you’re close enough to them. And therefore, they usually drop 5 to 50 experience points on death.

Even the most dangerous boss mob – the Wither – only drops 50 XP. That’s not even 1% compared to the Ender Dragon. Defeating the Ender Dragon is a whole process that requires some time and skills, but the result is absolutely worth it!

To fight the Ender Dragon, you have to find the stronghold first. Then with the eyes of the ender crafted from ender pearls and blaze powder, place them in the portal’s frame to activate the End portal.

Jump in, and you’re now at the End island. The dragon is waiting for you!

So now you know the Ender Dragon is the mob that gives the most XP in Minecraft!

Let’s prepare your gear and get ready to speedrun Minecraft for the XP!

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